10 Russian occupiers who looted in Bucha have been identified

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Police identified 10 Russian servicemen who robbed the homes of civilians in the town of Bucha near Kyiv and sent the loot to their relatives.

Source: The Office of the Attorney General on Telegram

Quote from the Office of the Attorney General : "10 Russian servicemen who looted the property of the civilian population of the Bucha Amalgamated Territorial Community of Kyiv Oblast (Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) have been identified and reported on suspicion of violating the laws and customs of war. The issue of declaring the suspects on the international wanted list is currently being resolved. "

Details: According to the investigation, from 24 February to 31 March, during the occupation of Bucha, servicemen of the military unit of the Russian National Guard  looted the homes of locals, taking everything from underwear and clothing to large household appliances.

After the liberation of the occupied territories of Kyiv Oblast, the invaders retreated to Belarus and sent looted property from Ukraine by mail from the city of Mazyr to their relatives.


  • On 3 April, "Belarusian Haiun" published more than 3 hours of video footage from a surveillance camera at the "SDEK" delivery service office in Mazyr, Belarus, near the state border with Ukraine. The video clearly shows the faces and some chevrons on the sleeves of the occupiers. The invaders defiantly arranged the delivery of the looted property of Ukrainians.

  • Later, the journalists managed to get hold of the phone numbers, military units and cities of residence of the Russian occupiers who arranged the delivery of looted items in Mazyr.