10 students charged in connection with fight following basketball game between North, Memorial

Mar. 8—Ten students have been charged in connection with a fight that broke out last month following a basketball game between Nashua High School North and Manchester Memorial High School, police said Wednesday.

Nashua police responded to Nashua High School North on Feb. 7 for a reported disturbance. The incident involved students from both high schools, Nashua police Lt. Peter Urban said in a release.

A police detail officer was at the game, but as the incident unfolded, the officer was "overwhelmed by the number of students involved," Urban said.

Additional officers were called to the school to help disperse the crowd and ensure the safety of students and staff, police said.

Following an investigation, Nashua police said 10 students who were allegedly involved, many of them from Nashua High School North, were identified and charged with riot. They did not respond to a request asking whether any students from Manchester Memorial High School were charged.

Seven of the students were under the age of 18, police said. Their cases will be handled in juvenile court, and no further information will be provided.

Three of the defendants were charged as adults — Anthony Michel, 19; Vincent Falcone, 18; and Eduardo Valdes, 18 — all of Nashua. They are scheduled to be arraigned in Hillsborough County Superior Court at a later date, police said.

"The Nashua Police Department, along with the Nashua School District, have zero tolerance for violent or other dangerous behaviors on school grounds," Nashua police said in a statement. "Student safety is paramount during school hours or during after school activities. Students that engage in this type behavior will be held accountable for their actions."

School officials in both Nashua and Manchester limited attendance at winter athletic events in the wake of the fight.

"We appreciate the work of Nashua police and Nashua School District in this case," said Manchester Superintendent of Schools Jenn Gillis in a statement. "Working collaboratively with Manchester police and our district and school teams, we continue to prioritize the safety of students, families, staff and spectators at sporting events."

Anyone with information about the fight is asked to call the Nashua Police Department Crime Line at 603-589-1665.