10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Bacon

Because bacon isn’t just for sandwiches and fry-ups, you know. Check out these brilliant ideas for different ways to eat bacon that you probably haven’t thought of…

Make a cocktail with it

[PHOTO CREDIT: Jane’s Adventures in Dinner]

Yep, this whiskey-based cocktail actually has a crispy rasher of bacon in it. It was made by Jane from the blog Jane’s Adventures in Dinner and it combines the flavours of cola and maple syrup, as well as whiskey and bacon. Find out how to make this bacon maple cocktail over at her blog.

Make bacon roses

[PHOTO CREDIT: My Last Bite]

If you have a bacon lover in your life, it’s a good bet that they’ll love these bacon roses on a special occasion (or any day, really, who needs an excuse?). Jo from My Last Bite has step-by-step instructions on how to make them over at her blog.

Make bacon hearts

[PHOTO CREDIT: We’re Calling Shenanigans]

So when bacon roses aren’t enough, you could always try bacon hearts. Brilliant, right? Kristen from the blog We’re Calling Shenanigans has tested them out and gives them the thumbs up. They’re not too difficult to make, either. Check out the instructions (and a quick video) on her blog.

Bake it into a cake

[PHOTO CREDIT: Momma Told Me]

A bacon cake. Why not? And here, there’s bacon inside the chocolate-based cake as well as scattered over the frosting on top. The maple bacon cake’s creator is Jenna from the blog Momma Told Me. There’s sweet. There’s salty. There’s soft and crispy. Sounds fantastic.

Wrap it around onion rings

[PHOTO CREDIT: Kirby’s Cravings]

Because who needs breadcrumbs, anyway? It’s far better to wrap a bacon rasher around onion slices instead. And as if that wasn’t enough, how about a spicy Sriracha dip and glaze, too? Check out the blog Kirby’s Cravings for the Sriracha bacon wrapped onion rings recipe.

Freeze it in ice cream (yes, really)


We have Sophia from the blog NY Foodgasm to thank for this brown butter bacon ice cream. “So I thought about how to properly pay homage to the king of cured meats, and what would compliment it,” she writes. “I never got to brown butter or even try browned butter, but I liked the idea of the caramel notes it would bring and how that intensity of sweet would contrast with the salty.” Want to make some? Check out the full recipe on her blog.

Deep fry it with peanut butter

[PHOTO CREDIT: Dude Foods]

Nick from Dude Foods made these deep-fried peanut butter and bacon balls. He says, “I grabbed a knife, sliced one open and watched as warm gooey peanut butter just poured out of it. It’s funny, I always forget how great peanut butter and bacon go together until the once a month or so when I combine the two and then every single time I swear that I won’t ever go that long without it again.” Feeling brave? Get the recipe on Dude Foods.

Make bacon jam

[PHOTO CREDIT: Savory Sweet Life]

OK, so you might already know about bacon jam. But did you know that it’s actually pretty easy to make yourself? It’s great in sandwiches, on burgers or with grilled meat and salads - and Alice from Savory Sweet Life has this version, spiked with bourbon and Tabasco sauce.

Bake it into chocolate brownies

[PHOTO CREDIT: Bakerita]

Bacon and chocolate is a pretty cool combination, although you wouldn’t think it. And then adding caramel takes that salty-sweet flavour to a whole new level. Rachel from the Bakerita blog has made these bacon caramel brownies, with caramel swirled in to the batter and crispy bacon pieces scattered over the top.

Pretend it’s bread

[PHOTO CREDIT: Dude Foods]

Over to Nick again, from Dude Foods, who whipped up this Elvis sandwich, using peanut butter and banana pressed between woven sheets of streaky bacon which are cooked until crisp. He says: “Let’s be honest, the bacon, peanut butter and banana is what makes this sandwich great right? So why not just use ONLY those ingredients and ditch the pesky bread which was only getting in the way to begin with.” Agreed. Get the recipe on Dude Foods.

Will you try any of these?

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