These 10 Valentine's Day-themed puzzles will get you in the holiday spirit - see if you can solve them all

valentines flamingo brainteaser
Can you spot the flamingo? Gergely Dudás/Dudolf
  • Valentine's Day is around the corner.

  • These brainteasers require you to spot hearts, rings, and loved-up couples as quickly as you can.

  • Three were designed by famed artist and brainteaser extraordinaire, Gergely Dudás.

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Valentine's Day is Sunday, but plenty of us lost that loving feeling during what seemed like the longest January on record - and even more of us lost it at some point during 2020, perhaps the worst year ever.

To help get you back in holiday spirit, we've found 10 brainteasers that are filled to the brim with love, hearts, candy, flowers - the works.

Keep scrolling to try your hand at these puzzles, and see if you can beat the average times.

In this brainteaser by artist Gergely Dudás, there's a tiny heart located somewhere in a flamboyance of flamingos.

valentines flamingo brainteaser


It's located somewhere in the top left corner.

Keep looking!

Were you able to spot it?

flamingo solution

You can learn more about Dudás here.

Here's a Valentine's Day-themed word search. The word "love" is spelled out in this puzzle.

valentines day puzzle
The word search. Courtesy of 247 Blinds

UK retailer 247 Blinds created this puzzle.

How long will it take you to find the word "love"?

It was spelled backwards, so it might have been a bit tricky.

love puzzle answer
The answer. Courtesy of 247 Blinds

Were you able to find the word?

It takes the average person 13 seconds to find the engagement ring hidden amongst the watches.

valentines day brainteaser
It's in there. Couresy of F. Hinds

Maybe you're planning on popping the question on Valentine's Day — or you're just really into this season of "The Bachelor." Either way, this puzzle will put proposals on the brain.

What was your time?

FHinds Puzzle Jan20(answer) valentines day brainteaser
There it is. Courtesy of F. Hinds

The ring was actually part of the watch. Tricky!

It takes the average person 34 seconds to spot the robot in this sea of Valentine's dates.

robot brainteaser
A new brainteaser. RS Components

RS Components shared this brainteaser with Insider. According to the company, it should take 34 seconds to spot the AI.

The robot has glowing red eyes - that should have tipped you off.

RS Components Restaurant Brain Teaser Answer
The robot. RS Components

Were you able to beat the time?

There are five hearts hidden among the roses. Can you find them all in under three minutes?

Hidden Heart in the Roses
Make sure you got all five. Sykes Holiday Cottage

Keep scrolling to see the answer ...

The hearts really blend in with the petals.

hidden hearts in roses skitch

Sykes Holiday Cottages shared this brainteaser with Insider.

Can you find the one bear that's holding a heart, not a bow and arrow?

valentines day brainteaser

Need a hint?

The bear is hiding somewhere in the bottom half of the photo.

It takes people an average of 3 minutes and 16 seconds to find it.

valentines day brainteaser skitch

This puzzle was created by How long did it take for you to solve?

There's a tiny heart hidden among flowers in this lovey-dovey brainteaser.

valentines day brainteaser
Love is in the air. Gergely Dudás/Dudolf

Love is in the air for the cute couples.

Spoiler alert: The heart is extremely tiny.

It's hiding above the pair of lovebirds.

solved brainteasr

Gergely Dudás, the artist, frequently creates holiday-themed brainteasers like this one.

Dudás also designed this Valentine's Day puzzle. Can you spot a hidden heart somewhere among these elephants?

valentines day brainteaser

They're perfectly colored for the holiday.

It blends in with the ears and tails of the all elephants.

valentines day brainteaser solved skitch

Dudás outdid himself with this pachyderm puzzle.

Try to spot the romantic couple in this crowded city scene.

valentines day brainteaser
There are a lot of people. Courtesy of Groupon and SWNS

We don't mind cartoon PDA — but on crowded city streets in real life, it's a no-no.

There's a sweet moment on the sidewalk, complete with a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates.

valentines day brainteaser solved skitch

They look like they're about to embark on a Groupon-approved date.

There are five hidden objects in this romantic scene that will complete the date. Can you find them all?

brainteaser valentines day

Here's what hiding:

  • A single rose

  • An engagement ring

  • A bottle of champagne

  • A gift box

  • A box of chocolates

It takes the average person almost four minutes to find all five objects.

vday brainteaser skitch

According to, it takes people an average of 3 minutes, 54 seconds. What was your time?

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