100 Adorable Baby Boy Names That Start With "G"

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Photo credit: Kevin Liu - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Liu - Getty Images

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Naming a baby can be one of the most impactful decisions you can make. It’s one of the things you give your child that is likely to stick with them for the rest of their lives. It can also be a lot of pressure, especially when you're already inundated with a myriad of decisions and choices pertaining to pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenthood.

While there are plenty of things to consider when naming a child — be it your heritage, historical figures you look up to, important family members you'd like to honor, or a Biblical baby name that's meaningful to you if you're religious — sometimes even narrowing it down to one letter can help. If you happen to pick a letter that is less common when it comes to popular boys' names, like "G," it can make it easier to choose a unique boy name but harder to find something that’s just right. (Fun fact: According to the Social Security Administration's most recent data, there are only two "G" names to be found in the current list of the 100 top names for boys: Grayson — or Greyson — and Gabriel.) Luckily, there are more than a few baby boy names that start with "G" that are as beautiful as they are distinctive.

Staring parenthood in the face can be both daunting and exciting. Naming your future child is just part of the joys and challenges of parenthood. So if you’re looking for a place to start, or even just looking for some inspiration in what could have previously been an unlikely place, here are 100 cool boys' names that start with "G" from various countries and origins for you to peruse, consider, and hey, maybe even choose for your future babe.

  • Grant: English, meaning large or great.

  • George: English, derived from the Greek word georgos, meaning farmer.

  • Gael: Irish, meaning a person of Irish origin (“Gaelic).

  • Gabriel: Hebrew, meaning “God is my strength.”

  • Gabe: Hebrew, meaning “God is my strength.”

  • Gregory: Greek, meaning watchful and alert.

  • Gerald: Germanic, meaning “rule of the spear.”

  • Garth: English, meaning someone who lives near an orchard.

  • Grady: Irish, derived from the Irish word “grada” or noble.

  • Graham: English, from the surname Graham or town Grantham.

Photo credit: David A Land/Blend Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: David A Land/Blend Images - Getty Images
  • Grey: English, meaning grey-haired.

  • Griffin: Welsh, from a medieval Latinized form, Griffinus, of the Welsh personal name Gruffudd, according to Ancestry.com.

  • Gavin: Derived from Irish, Scottish, or English, meaning God-send or white hawk.

  • Gale: Derived from Old English (“jaile”) or Greek (Galen), meaning jovial or tranquil, respectively.

  • Guy: French, derived from the Old French word ‘guie,’ meaning leader.

  • Gustav: Swedish, meaning “set of the Gods.”

  • Giuseppe: Italian, meaning ‘he will add’ or ‘God increases.’

  • Gino: Italian, short for names like Ambrogino or Luigino or Eugenio.

  • Gatsby: From the book The Great Gatsby, in which the book’s main character changes his last name from Gatz to Gatsby, as Baby Name Wizard explains.

  • Gerry: Irish, from Gaelic ‘O Gadhra,’ meaning dog. Or a nickname for Gerald, meaning “rule of the spear.”

  • Gordon: Scottish, derived from the surname Gordon.

  • Gunner: Scandinavian, meaning warrior.

  • Guillermo: Spanish, meaning ‘with gilded helmet.’

  • Gus: English, meaning ‘great.’ Also a nickname for the names Gustav, Angus, August.

  • Grayden: Old English, meaning ‘son of a gray-haired one.’

  • Grove: Old English, from the surname Grove.

Photo credit: Kevin Liu - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Liu - Getty Images
  • Gonzalo: Spanish, meaning battle.

  • Gilmore: Irish or Scottish, derived from various surnames.

  • Geoffrey: French or English, meaning ‘god’ or ‘peace.’

  • Geo: American, meaning farmer or location.

  • Gavriel: Latin, meaning ‘to open.’ Also the name of a Jewish angel.

  • Garrett: Germanic, meaning spear, strong, or hard.

  • Gaelen: Greek, meaning calm.

  • Garrison: Middle English, meaning "spear-fortified town; protection, stronghold," according to The Bump.

  • Gatlin: English, meaning companion.

  • Garlin: French, meaning "land of the spear, wreath, prize," according to Pregnology.

  • Gary: Germanic, derived from ‘gar,’ meaning spear.

  • Gerard: Germanic, meaning brave spearman.

  • Glenn: Scottish, meaning from the wooded valley.

  • Green: Derived from Anglo-Saxon, from the Old English 'grene.'

  • Gilfred: Germanic, meaning oath of peace.

  • Griffyth: Welsh, meaning strong grip and/or lord.

  • Geraghty: Irish, derived from Gaelic meaning ‘member of the assembly' or 'frequenting assemblies,’ according to Ancestry.com.

  • Gilli: Hebrew, meaning my joy, rejoice.

  • Gaylen: Greek, meaning calm.

  • Garreth: Irish, meaning spear strength and gentle.

  • Gideon: Hebrew, meaning great warrior.

  • Gage: English or French, meaning measure or pledge, respectively.

  • Gunter: German, meaning battle and army.

Photo credit: Tetra Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tetra Images - Getty Images
  • Geraldo: Spanish, meaning spear rule.

  • Godfrey: From French, meaning god or good and peace.

  • Galton: English, meaning a rented estate.

  • Genesis: Greek, meaning beginning.

  • Gace: French, meaning pledge.

  • Gadi: Hebrew, meaning fortune or luck.

  • Gadisa: Ethiopia, meaning shade.

  • Gi: Korean, meaning brave.

  • Gianni: Italian, meaning God is gracious. From Giovanni.

  • Giulio: Italian, meaning youthful.

  • Goliath: Hebrew, meaning reveal.

  • Gottfried: German, meaning God and peace.

  • Griswold: English, meaning gravel and woodland.

  • Grover: German, meaning ditch digger or English, for someone who lives near a grove.

  • Gulliver: From Old French, meaning glutton.

  • Gable: German, meaning God is bright.

  • Galileo: Latin, meaning person from Galilee.

  • Gallagher: Irish, meaning stranger or foreigner.

  • Gilchrist: Irish, meaning servant of Christ.

  • Godwin: English, meaning good friend.

  • German: Spanish, meaning warrior.

  • Gaines: English, meaning crafty.

Photo credit: Catherine Delahaye - Getty Images
Photo credit: Catherine Delahaye - Getty Images
  • Garland: French and English, land of the spear.

  • Giancarlo: Italian, meaning John Charles.

  • Glover: English, meaning seller of gloves.

  • Glynn: Welsh, someone who lives in a valley

  • Goldwyn: English, derived from Goldwine, meaning golden friend.

  • Gold: English, meaning someone who works with gold.

  • Goode: English, derived from the surname Goode, meaning someone who performed good deeds.

  • Greer: Scottish, meaning alert.

  • Greydon: English, meaning grey-haired man.

  • Grisham: English, from surname Greshman.

  • Guthrie: English, derived from surname being windy place.

  • Gyles: English, derived from Greek word meaning goat or kid.

  • Gerardo: Spanish, meaning spear brave.

  • Griff: English, meaning someone living near a pit.

  • Geordie: English, variant of George.

  • Garant: French, meaning guarantor.

  • Gianluca: Italian, meaning God is gracious.

  • Giles: English and French, derived from Greek word meaning kid or goat.

  • Graeme: English, meaning from the gray homestead.

  • Goldie: English, meaning made of gold.

  • Guang: Chinese, meaning light.

  • Galloway: Scottish, regional surname based on a region of Scotland.

  • Gates: Derived from English surname.

  • Getty: Irish, derived from a word meaning ‘winged’.

  • Gentry: English, meaning of noble birth.

  • Grantham: Derived from English area, Grantham in Lincolnshire.

  • Glennon: Irish, derived from surname meaning cloak.

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