101 Black Men, police and RAMS Kitchen work together to give holiday meals to families in need

The nonprofit group 101 Black Men partnered with police and RAMS Kitchen to deliver Thanksgiving meals to multiple families in Gastonia today.

The charity has been mentoring children at some of the schools in the area. Through their work, 101 Black Men were able to discover which families needest the help.

A few families lived just blocks away from recent murders. During the holiday season, kids were in need of seeing some good in their community.

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The complete meal was provided by RAMS Kitchen. The food was delivered by members of 101 Black Men and Gastonia police officers, handing out food to families like Janisha Jeter and her five children.

“It’s powerful. It’s very powerful,” was all Jeter could say.

The group also stopped by a motel, as well as leaving food at the home of a family with 10 children. 101 Black Men member Finland Fair knows how rough this time can be for families and is glad to help in any way.

“It’s rough out here right now, and we are trying to get some resources together and try to help as much as we can,” said Fair.

Interim Chief of the Gastonia Police Department, Trent Conrad, explained the other side of being an officer helping out the community.

It’s not about locking people up and putting them in jail all the time. It’s about helping people.” said Conrad.

Last week, police and 101 Black Men teamed up to give 106 families free whole turkeys.

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