101 ‘Friends’ trivia questions to test your knowledge of the beloved series

101 ‘Friends’ trivia questions to test your knowledge of the beloved series
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"Friends" is a special show to many fans of the NBC sitcom — but how much do viewers really know and remember about Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey?

"Friends" ran from 1994 to 2004, and to this day, is a binge-worthy series that stands the test of time, taking fans through the journey of six best friends living in New York City.

Following the sudden death of "Friends" star Matthew Perry, who played Chandler on the show, fan and cast tributes have flooded the internet. His death is emotional for many, and have brought fans both old and new back to revisit the beloved series.

Two decades and endless coffee runs later, the sitcom remains a fan-favorite, so let's put that "Friends" knowledge to the test.

Here are 101 questions and answers for a fun round of "Friends" trivia.

"Friends" trivia questions

  1. Who puts his head in a turkey on Thanksgiving? Answer: Joey

  2. Which brand offers Rachel a job in Paris? Answer: Louis Vuitton

  3. How many pages was Rachel's letter to Ross? Answer: 18 pages, front and back

  4. Who pees on Monica's leg after she was stung by a jellyfish? Answer: Chandler

  5. What is the name of Joey's stuffed penguin? Answer: Hugsy

  6. Joey and Chandler have a statue of which animal in their apartment? Answer: A dog

  7. What role did Joey play on "Days of Our Lives"? Answer: Dr. Drake Ramoray

  8. What is Chandler's profession? Answer: Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration (though it's a running joke that nobody ever remembers this).

  9. What does Rachel guess Chandler's job is? Answer: Transponster

  10. Who was Monica's first kiss with? Answer: Ross

  11. How many times did Ross get married? Answer: Three

  12. What was the name of Monica's dad's best friend whom she dated? Answer: Richard

  13. When Rachel walked out of her wedding, she called her dad saying, "I don't want to be a shoe, I want to be a _____." Answer: Hat

  14. How many sisters does Joey have? Answer: Seven

  15. What is Phoebe's twin sister's name? Answer: Ursula

  16. What caused a fire in Monica and Rachel's apartment? Answer: A hair straightener

  17. What is Ross's profession? Answer: A paleontologist

  18. How many kids does Ross have? Answer: Two

  19. Who does Gunther have a crush on? Answer: Rachel

  20. Which one of her songs was Phoebe asked to record? Answer: "Smelly Cat"

  21. What is Phoebe's brother's name? Answer: Frank Jr.

  22. Where does Joey leave his copy of "The Shining"? Answer: In his refrigerator

  23. Where did Rachel get her first job? Answer: Central Perk

  24. Phoebe dated a cop. What was his name? Answer: Gary

  25. After working at Central Perk, which department store does Rachel start working for? Answer: Bloomingdale's

  26. Who from the group did Joey have a crush on? Answer: Rachel

  27. Through Monica and Rachel's apartment, the friends look at their neighbor through the window. What do they call him? Answer: Ugly Naked Guy

  28. What designer does Rachel get a job with in New York? Answer: Ralph Lauren

  29. What does Janice's ex-husband sell? Answer: Mattresses

  30. When Chandler hid Joey's underwear, what did Joey do? Answer: He wore all of Chandler's clothes

  31. What are Ross's kids' names? Answer: Ben and Emma

  32. What are Ross and Monica's parents' names? Answer: Jack and Judy Geller

  33. Who was Monica's roommate before Rachel? Answer: Phoebe

  34. What is Rachel's favorite book? Answer: "Little Women"

  35. What was Chandler's (fake) address in Yemen? Answer: 15 Yemen Road

  36. What did Phoebe tell Mike she changed her name to? Answer: Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

  37. What is Monica's job? Answer: A chef

  38. Whose triplets was Phoebe a surrogate to? Answer: Her little brother, Frank Jr., and his wife, Alice

  39. Who is the Jack and Judy Geller's favorite child? Answer: Ross

  40. Who was the first to find out Monica and Chandler were dating? Answer: Joey

  41. Which one of Joey's sisters did Chandler hook up with? Answer: Mary Angela

  42. What did Phoebe name the rat in her apartment? Answer: Bob

  43. When Ross falls asleep on the train, where does he end up? Answer: Montreal

  44. Who was Ross's first wife? Answer: Carol

  45. Why did Ross and Emily call off the wedding? Answer: Ross said Rachel's name at the altar

  46. Where did Ross and Rachel get married? Answer: In Vegas

  47. Where did Monica and Chandler first get together? Answer: Ross's wedding in London

  48. Who did Phoebe name her brother's daughter after? Answer: Chandler

  49. What does Joey name his Barcalounger? Answer: Rosita

  50. When Monica gets her credit card stolen, what does she tell the thief her name is? Answer: Monana

  51. What name was on Chandler's mail? Answer: Miss Chanandler Bong

  52. Which Sprouse twin played Ben, Ross's son? Answer: Cole Sprouse

  53. Which character said the iconic line "Pivot" in the show? Answer: Ross

  54. What was Ross's monkey's name? Answer: Marcel

  55. What is Chandler's middle name? Answer: Muriel

  56. Who was Chandler's college roommate? Answer: Ross

  57. Why did Ross and Carol break up? Answer: Carol came out as lesbian

  58. At Monica and Chandler's wedding, who was Monica's maid of honor? Answer: Rachel

  59. Which of the friends hates Thanksgiving? Answer: Chandler

  60. Where did the group travel to for Ross's paleontology convention? Answer: Barbados

  61. What are Rachel's sisters' names? Answer: Amy and Jill

  62. In college, what was the name of Ross and Chandler's band? Answer: Way, No Way

  63. Joey was in a commercial for milk carton openers. What was his name in the commercial? Answer: Kevin

  64. What is the name of Richard's son? Answer: Timothy

  65. Ross and Monica have a dog when they were kids. What was its name? Answer: Chi-Chi

  66. What is Chandler especially bad at? Answer: Giving gifts

  67. How many categories of towels does Monica have? Answer: 11

  68. Who said the last line in the whole show? Answer: Chandler (Matthew Perry)

  69. How old was Monica when she learned how to tell time? Answer: 13

  70. What fruit is Ross allergic to? Answer: Kiwi

  71. What was the name of Monica and Rachel's downstairs neighbor? Answer: Heckles

  72. At the diner she worked at, how much did Pete Becker tip Monica? Answer: $20,000

  73. What store does Phoebe hate? Answer: Pottery Barn

  74. What is Richard's job? Answer: Ophthalmologist

  75. What was the job of Rachel's ex-fiancé, Barry? Answer: Orthodontist

  76. What instrument did Ross want to play at Monica and Chandler's wedding? Answer: Bagpipes

  77. What did Monica start making to get over Richard? Answer: Jam

  78. What is Phoebe's alter ego's name? Answer: Regina Phalange

  79. What does Joey not share? Answer: His food

  80. What city did Phoebe's boyfriend David move to? Answer: Minsk

  81. On Thanksgiving, which sport does the group play together? Answer: Football

  82. What is the name of Richard's daughter? Answer: Michelle

  83. What are Monica and Chandler's twins' names? Answer: Jack and Erica

  84. What is the name of Joey's agent? Answer: Estelle

  85. Ross and Will had a club in high school. What was the name of the club? Answer: I Hate Rachel Greene Club

  86. What was Joey's nickname when he was a waiter at a restaurant? Answer: Dragon

  87. Phoebe stole a comic book from Ross. What was the name of the book? Answer: "Science Boy"

  88. Joey had an imaginary friend as a kid. What was his friend's name? Answer: Maurice

  89. What is Phoebe's job? Answer: A masseuse

  90. Rachel goes on Ross's honeymoon alone. Where does she go? Answer: Greece

  91. What pet animals did Chandler and Joey have? Answer: A chick and a duck

  92. What is Joey's imaginary friend's profession? Answer: Space cowboy

  93. What was Ross and Rachel's daughter's first word? Answer: "Gleba"

  94. What does Phoebe not believe in? Answer: Evolution

  95. What is Monica's biggest pet peeve? Answer: Animals dressed as humans

  96. What phrase is Joey most famous for? Answer: How you doin'?

  97. As a child, Rachel had a dog. What was its name? Answer: LaPooh

  98. What game show was Joey auditioning to host? Answer: "Bamboozled"

  99. At Rachel and Barry's wedding, who was the maid of honor? Answer: Mindy

  100. How does Ross end up getting Ugly Naked Guy's apartment? Answer: He hangs out with him naked

  101. What was Ross's fiancée Emily's last name? Answer: Waltham

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