101st Airborne Soldiers To Help Staff United Center Mass Vaccination Site

The U.S. Army deploys the “Screaming Eagles” across the country to get some of the toughest jobs done, and that will soon include helping administer thousands of vaccines in Illinois.

Video Transcript

- Today, Illinois could hit the $1 million mark for full vaccinations. Right now, the statewide number is about 952,000. On average, 78,000 people are getting a COVID shot in Illinois every day, but that does include first and second doses.

- Well, here's hoping today will be easier for seniors signing up for COVID-19 vaccinations at the United Center. Nearly 28,000 people, 65 and over, now have booked appointments at the UC. A lot of people were saying they were having issues signing up on the zocdoc website yesterday, so some went right to the West Madison Center, and they tried to work it out themselves.

So here's a look at zocdoc right now. You can see we did find some available vaccine appointments at the United Center for next week. We also have other ways you can sign up. We have all the information you need up on our website right now, cbschicago.com.

This morning, about 200 US Army soldiers are headed to the West side to help with the vaccinations. FEMA asked for the 101st Airborne Division members to be deployed. The agency is managing the mass-vaccination site. The US deploys the Screaming Eagles across the country to get some of the toughest jobs done.

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