103 Cars Gathered In Delaware To Celebrate Susan Young Browne's 103rd Birthday

Happy birthday!

Video Transcript

JOE HOLDEN: There was a formation of 103 cars in Delaware, today all of them there to celebrate a 103rd birthday. Hard to believe, but Ms. Susan Young Browne is 103 today. The community gathered to celebrate her at the Whatcoat United Methodist Church in Dover. Our Ukee Washington also made a surprise appearance. Ms. Young Browne has lived through the 1918 flu pandemic, two world wars. She credits her strong faith, family, and exercising every single day for that good health and longevity.

SUSAN YOUNG BROWNE: I exercise. I do-- I have a little series of exercise I do every morning after I get up and make my bed. And then I get on the floor and do, I guess, about 8 or 10 minutes.

JOE HOLDEN: How 'bout that? Happy birthday to Ms. Young Browne from all of us at "Eyewitness News."