105-year-old survives COVID, offers advice to long life

She has now lived through two World Wars and two pandemics, and at 105 years old, she is even getting the hang of Zoom.

Video Transcript

- From New Jersey. A woman in Ocean County, who tested positive for COVID on her 105th birthday last month, has now recovered. And she has some advice for the younger generations. Lucia de Klerk is her name, says she's feeling wonderful. She has now lived through two world wars and two pandemics. And at 105 she says, she's finally getting the hang of Zoom. So what's her secret?

- Do you have a secret?

- I don't have a secret. All I do is write, write, write. And don't eat junk food.

- She's outlived three cardiologists and three husbands. She's just made of steel.

- Wow. Don't eat junk food. Lucia says she believes gin soaked raisins have helped keep her free of disease. She's now fully vaccinated against COVID, says she'll continue her daily prayers for everyone, as we all get through this.

- Got to get some.