After 106 days, ship that blocked Suez is let go

On the move at last.

The huge container ship that blocked the Suez Canal in March has finally been allowed to leave the area.

The Ever Given had been detained ever since, amid wrangling over compensation.

Back in March the vessel, one of the world's largest, became wedged diagonally across the waterway.

It took six days to free her, causing massive disruption to global trade.

A big backlog of ships built up at either end of the canal.

Afterwards, the Suez Canal Authority demanded $900 million in compensation.

That was to cover the salvage operation and other costs.

The demand was later reduced to $550 million.

Authorities held the ship while they pursued the claim, creating a dispute with the vessel's insurers and its Japanese owner.

A ceremony was held as the ship finally started to move north.

Companies around the world are eagerly awaiting the contents of more than 18,000 containers on board.

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