10K Twins Fans Fill Target Field For Home Opener

On a rainy Thursday, the Minnesota Twins started a new season with fans in the stands for the first time in 18 months, reports Marielle Mohs (1:51). WCCO 4 News At 10 - April 8, 2021

Video Transcript

- COVID weary Minnesota Twins fans finally returned to the ballpark today.

- The Target Field welcome a crowd of 10,000 to the home opener after we had all sit out last season. Even though the stadium was nowhere near capacity, Marielle Mohs found it packed with energy and enthusiasm.

- Have fun.

- We're in. We're in.

MARIELLE MOHS: A long awaited day for 10,000 Twins fans who got to return to Target Field for the first time in 18 months.


MARIELLE MOHS: It was a mother daughter day at the ballpark for Shelly and Aubrey Rehl.

SHELLY REHL: I'm so excited. I-- I never thought this day was going to come, honestly. [CHUCKLES]

MARIELLE MOHS: And a first Twins game and first birthday celebration for Luke.

- To bring our little one with us is pretty great.

MARIELLE MOHS: In order to safely bring back fans to Target Field, they had to make a lot of changes, including how you enter the ballpark and how you order food and drinks.

- I'm headed for the Cuban sandwiches.

MARIELLE MOHS: Fans need to download the MLB app on their phones to order concession and restaurant food for contactless pickup--

- It's just two beers.

MARIELLE MOHS: --which didn't seem to be too much of a hassle for their first crack at this safety change.

ALEX MAJKRZAK: It was very fluid. Actually, the ordering process in the line here is really efficient as well too.

SHELLY REHL: It was really simple.

MARIELLE MOHS: Masks are also mandatory in the ballpark unless you're eating or drinking in your seat.

HECTOR HOLGUIN: My wife made the Homer Hankey mask last night for me, because we're going to the opener.

MARIELLE MOHS: Hector Hogan stood out in the crowd with his annual home opener Mohawk.

HECTOR HOLGUIN: Watching everybody walk around the stadium and just with the smile, you know, everybody looks like there's-- you can't see because of the mask, but you can see their eyes are just like lit up.

MARIELLE MOHS: Another change, thousands of seats are zip tied shut to keep fans spaced out in pods of two and four.

ROBERTO GALAVIAZ: This is what we need to do, you know, to-- to come to a game, you know. I'm for it. I'm excited for a good year this year. So, hopefully, you know, we'll be here in October again.

MARIELLE MOHS: At Target Field--

- Go, Twins.

MARIELLE MOHS: --Marielle Mohs, WCCO 4 News.