11,000 Gallon Fuel Spill Causes I-25 Closure In Both Directions

Both directions of Interstate 25 near Loveland are closed Saturday morning after a semi-truck rolled over.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN ADAMS: Breaking news this morning. There's a HAZMAT cleanup underway on I-25 in Larimer County after a rollover-- after a semi rollover crash. Loveland Fire tweeted this picture out and were called out just after 1:00 this morning. This happened between mile marker 225 and 257.

I-25 is closed now from Highway 34 to Highway 402 for a large diesel spill. Some 11,000 gallons of diesel fuel. State patrol is urging drivers to avoid the area. The cleanup could last until at least 1:00 this afternoon. If you have to drive in the area, use Highway 287 and Highway 85 as alternatives.