11 Facts About Your Hair, You Don't Know.

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Do you think that you know everything about your hair? think once again. You may know about how to style your hair, how to make your hair straight or how to make bangs. But except these things, there is some other weird stuff that one must know. Here are 20 ImportantFacts About hairand haircut.

1-Every 3 person out of 10 have split end hair, Do you know what is scientific name of split end hair? Its called “Trichoptilosis.”

2-The most common hair color in the world in black one. Whereas 1 percent of the world's population has red color hair and blond hair can be found in 2 percent of the population.

3-In wet state one strand of hair can stretch 30% of its original length. It means if you have 30cm long hair in wet state one strand can stretch to 39cm.

4-Hair contain 50% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen and 5% sulphur.

5-Your gender cannot be identified by your hair. Both ganders has same hair structure.

6-Bone marrow is the fastest growing tissue in human body, and after that hair are the fastest growing tissues.

7-Balding can be visible only when 50 percent of your hair are lost from your scalp.

8-As in 20th century, average human age is 65 years. Just like this a single hair has 5 years of lifetime.

9-Most commonhairstyle for kidsused in USA isshort hair with equal length on all sides of head.

10-In America Eighty percent of people wash their hair two times a day.

11- In human head there are 100,000 to 150,000 average strands. And collectively they can support a weight equivalent to two elephants.