11-Year-Old Girl From Iowa Stable After Sunday Night Shooting

An 11-year-old girl visiting Chicago is recovering after she was shot in the back.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: A little girl visiting Chicago rushed to the hospital after being shot in the back.

IRIKA SARGENT: CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot is live at Roseland Community hospital. Suzanne.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: Irika, Brad, this 11-year-old girl was one of four children under the age of 18 shot in Chicago over the weekend. She was visiting here from Iowa, visiting family. They ended up bringing her here to Roseland Community Hospital.

The child was sitting here in a parked car near 117th Place and Michigan Avenue. That's when people in a red Ford or Pontiac pulled up and started shooting. The 11-year-old girl was shot on the right side of her lower back. Her family drove her to the hospital. Sources say 14 gunshots were fired and 15 shell casings recovered. The shooting took place in an area known for gang conflict.

BRENDAN DEENIHAN: The investigation is very active right now. Obviously, the detectives are looking to speak to more people and looking for videos. We don't have any further investigative leads to share at this point. But she is in stable condition.

SUZANNE LE MIGNOT: The 11-year-old girl is one of 144 juveniles shot in Chicago since January 1. In Roseland, Suzanne Le Mignot, CBS 2 News.