11 spooktacular Halloween appetizers and desserts

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Most people think Halloween is all about the candy, but there are so many other frighteningly delicious treats you can quickly whip up at home, too.

From savory mummy hot dogs to sweet spidery cupcakes, here are 11 Halloween food ideas from appetizers to desserts that no ghoul or goblin will be able to resist.

Halloween Appetizers

Guacamole Graveyard Dip by TODAY

Let guests dig into this spooky graveyard dip that has layers of refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, seasoned sour cream and guacamole. Turn pita bread rounds into spooky shapes like tombstones, creepy cats and ghosts by using cookie cutters. Then toast them in the oven until they're golden brown. Place the pita chips in the dip, then top off the dish with scallion "grass" and mounds of olive "dirt."

Spooky Avocado Dip With Tortilla Chips by Elizabeth Heiskell

Don't have time to make a layer dip? No problem. The only things needed here are a pumpkin and some store-bought guac. Instead of placing the spread in a plain bowl, turn the creamy green goop into a gruesome Halloween appetizer. Simply carve a pumpkin with an extra large mouth, then spread the guacamole into a stream. This cute but creepy appetizer sometimes goes by the rather unappetizing names "pumpkin vomit" or "puking pumpkin," but let's just call it delicious. Oh, and here's how to keep that guacamole green.

Zombie Cheese and Prosciutto Halloween Party Skull by Elizabeth Heiskell

This creepy zombie skull is the ultimate way to serve charcuterie on Halloween. Simply wrap a clean plastic skull with prosciutto and serve it with more salumi, plus cheese and crackers. Guests will be head-over-heels for this creepy centerpiece.

Gluten-free Witches' Fingers for Halloween by Danielle Walker

Roll garlic bread dough into knobby witch fingers that are almost too creepy to eat. Pat down the dough to create knotted knuckles and use a knife to make light creases. Then press in the almonds to create fingernails. Give them a swipe of garlic-infused ghee or butter and serve them up with blood-red marinara sauce for dipping.

Yummy Mummy Dogs for Halloween by Grace Parisi

Love pigs in a blanket? Try mummified hot dogs instead. Simply wrap hot dogs in strips of store-bought puff pastry, brush them with beaten egg and bake until they're golden brown and crispy. The scariest thing about these frightful franks is that they’re terrifyingly delicious.

Halloween Desserts

Spider Web Cupcakes by TODAY

Turn homemade or store-bought cupcakes into elegant spider web-decorated treats. Using gel icing makes decorating a cinch and this technique can be used to create a variety of elegant designs.

Halloween Cake Pop Eyeballs by Grace Parisi

I spy with my little eye ... something sweet! Cake pops are usually pretty cute, but a little white frosting with red icing turn them creepy pretty quickly. Use whatever type of cake you like inside, but we recommend red velvet.

Coconut-Banana Ghost Pops by Grace Parisi

Dip bananas in white chocolate and coconut to create these adorable treats that are a lesser evil when it comes to Halloween sweets. They're an adorable way to add some fruit to an all-candy diet around the holiday.

Halloween Surprise Cake with M&M's by Casey Barber

This colorful layer cake has a surprise inside: extra candy! Slicing into this over-the-top desert couldn't be more fun. It's like the grown-up version of what it feels like to pour out all of the candy at home after a successful Halloween night of trick-or-treating.

Sweet Dracula Doughnuts by Anna Helm Baxter

Everyone will want to tear into these insanely easy treats that take less than 10 minutes to make. Start by slicing chocolate-covered doughnuts into quarters, then smear on some red frosting. Place mini marshmallow teeth on each doughnut half, stick on some candy corn fangs and you've got a Halloween dessert with a serious bite.

Halloween Boo-Berry Mummy Pies by Casey Barber

Transform store-bought pie crusts into spooky mummies for a fruity and festive Halloween treat. Bonus: They make a boo-tiful breakfast treat the next morning!

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