112422 verified LTE Mel Kessler

Nov. 23—It seems that large companies are buying little local businesses and hurting the ones that can least afford it.

You have probably seen different incidents locally where a company bought trailer parks and doubled residents rent.

We now have a company that has bought Beckley Garbage and also Oak Hill Garbage, they immediately doubled their rates and have formed a monopoly! This month we got two bills and I was told we would get another in December, they want us paying ahead of receiving the service!

I spoke to them and they said we could still get Fly By Night Garbage but not so! I called them and they are restricted from the Beckley area!

Some of our delegates or Senators need to stop this abuse in it's tracks, if not these predators will find the weakest and take all they can take from them!

How about working for the ones you're getting paid to help!

How about the Attorney General take on cases that will help people and stay out of the political ones!

Mel Kessler