12 amazing mattresses you can get on any budget

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These are the best mattresses you can get on a budget.
These are the best mattresses you can get on a budget.

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It’s no secret that sleep is important, and one of the key ingredients for a good night of sleep is a comfortable mattress.

But it’s also no secret that finding the right mattress is no easy task, especially when stores remain closed and we have to rely on online reviews for purchasing. While many companies offer risk-free trial periods, it’s still daunting to make such a big purchase sight unseen.

When you’re buying a mattress there are a lot of questions to ask: What size do I want? Do I need a soft or firm mattress? Why do mattresses need to breathe? (Are they alive?) But in reality, the most important question is how much are planning to spend? Not all mattresses are made equally and when looking at different models online you’ll quickly see that mattress prices range the distance of the Pacific to the Atlantic. But don’t let that scare you. With the sheer competitive nature of the mattress industry, there are more high-quality, affordable mattresses available than ever before.

So whether you’re searching for your very first mattress for your very first apartment, something to put in your spare bedroom that won’t break the bank, or desperately need a better mattress to combat back pain, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 amazing mattresses you can get in any price range.

Under $300

1. Linenspa: The memory foam mattress that costs the same as a night out

This mattress from Linenspa costs less than date night.
This mattress from Linenspa costs less than date night.

There’s nothing better than having a fancy night out on the town, except coming home to a ridiculously comfortable bed that cost less than said night out. And for what you’d pay for dinner and Broadway tickets you could have this 8-inch memory foam hybrid mattress from Linenspa. Featuring the best of memory foam and traditional innersprings, this medium firm mattress conforms to the body while staying sturdy for a restful and supportive night’s sleep. Shipped in a box and easy to set up, it’s the perfect entry-level product for someone wanting to save cash in their wallet.

One reviewer swears that it’s “just like Heaven,” and who could imagine a better place to sleep. And if the price leaves you feeling weary, don’t feel alone. “I was skeptical about this bed, but I was wrong,” the reviewer wrote. “This is so comfortable. It is firm enough for support, yet the memory foam makes it soft enough to take the pressure off my hips and shoulder.”

Get the Queen-size Linenspa 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon for $196.99

2. Ashley Chime: The mattress from a brand you know and trust

Ashley Furniture sells budget-friendly furniture for any room.
Ashley Furniture sells budget-friendly furniture for any room.

Ashley Furniture is a brand that many Americans have known and trusted for years. But what you probably didn’t know is that they also sell affordable and comfortable mattresses delivered straight to your door in a box. Unlike the majority of bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market today, the 12-inch Chime by Ashley Hybrid Mattress features a combination of memory foam and 9-inch 13-gauge coils. This combination provides maximum support and firmness to give you a refreshing night of sleep. Even better, the mattress is 100% hypoallergenic.

“Just blown away by this mattress which I think of as America’s best kept secret,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. Another noted that they were “very impressed by this mattress. It's firm, but not so much that it's uncomfortable. Compares extremely well to the other, more expensive mattresses I tested in mattress stores. Definitely recommend this product!”

Get the Queen-size Chime by Ashley Hybrid Mattress on Amazon for $285.50

3. Olee Sleep: The hybrid mattress Amazon shoppers swear by

This mattress is among the highest-rated on Amazon.
This mattress is among the highest-rated on Amazon.

With over 7,500 ratings on Amazon, 73% of customers gave this 13-inch Olee Sleep Mattress a five-star review, which is quite something when you consider how subjective reviewing something as personal as a mattress is. Made with a mix of memory foam and pocket springs, this mattress promises a comfortable night’s sleep that’s supportive, cool, and designed to minimize motion disturbance. Easy to unpack and get into your bedroom, this 13-inch mattress—also, one of the thicker mattresses in the price point—is perfect for someone looking for a more traditional bed-in-a-box.

One customer wants you to know that this bed is perfect for people sharing with a partner (even if that partner is a Great Dane who rules the house). “I tend to toss and turn during the night because of the hot sleep thing and his side of the bed never even moves. He goes completely undisturbed. This is priceless.” And when it comes to waking up and feeling refreshed and ready for the day, that feeling truly is priceless.

Get the Queen-sized Olee Sleep Mattress on Amazon for $299.99

Under $500

4. Simmons: A fun, affordable mattress

Simmons' mattress is like if the 90s made its own mattress.
Simmons' mattress is like if the 90s made its own mattress.

Simmons is a newer player in the mattress space we haven't had a chance to test out yet. It looks funky and fresh, but it comes highly recommended by a number of reviewers, as well. The mattresses is among the cheapest we've seen—you can snag a queen for just over $300. You can get a hybrid or foam version of the mattress, and reviewers say it's comfortable and perfect for sharing.

Get the Simmons firm mattress for $309

5. AmazonBasics: The budget-friendly mattress you won’t regret

Leave it to Amazon to sell a 5-star mattress for under $250.
Leave it to Amazon to sell a 5-star mattress for under $250.

Like that friend you can always count on to pick up the phone when you need to vent over work or gush about a first date, AmazonBasics is always there with an affordable version of whatever you need—even a mattress. A great entry-level option for someone who might just be starting out on their own or simply trying to furnish a guest room, Amazon’s 12-inch memory foam mattress packs a lot of bang for the buck.

Made with three foam layers, this mattress is designed to support you through a solid night’s sleep: The top layer is body-conforming memory foam, the middle is soft foam made with air holes to circulate air, and a hard foam bottom layer keeps the mattress sturdy and provides support. “I like a mattress that’s not too firm and not too soft, and this one fits the bill, and the price is great, too,” one Amazon customer wrote. Even better, the mattress’ fabric is Oeko-Tex certified so it’s non-toxic and free of any dangerous chemicals, while the foam is Certipur-US certified.

Get the Queen-size AmazonBasic 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon for $320

6. Allswell: The hybrid mattress with a lot of buzz

This high-quality mattress doesn't call for a high-end budget.
This high-quality mattress doesn't call for a high-end budget.

With over 1,000 five-star reviews, Allswell’s motto says it best: “Entry-level price. High-level features.” At just $375 for a queen, this hybrid mattress is the most affordable option in the overloaded field of direct-to-consumer mattresses. Featuring individually wrapped coils to “help minimize motion transfer,” a charcoal- and coal-infused memory foam gel to keep you cool, and a quilted top, this mattress has it all. Designed for people seeking a medium-level firm mattress, Allswell offers a 10-year limited warranty, 100-night risk-free trial, and free shipping. White glove delivery options are also available.

And while the reviews are plentiful, one said it best: “Are you kidding me? This mattress is more comfortable than one that cost 3x as much. As someone on my own and starting over, I want nice things but need to be mindful of excessive spending. This fit the bill perfectly! Now I unfortunately don’t want to leave my bed…”

Get the Queen-size Allswell Mattress for $375

7. Tulo: The trendy mattress perfect for stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers rejoice: There's a mattress for you.
Stomach sleepers rejoice: There's a mattress for you.

Stomach sleepers don’t get quite enough love on the mattress market as side sleepers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a mattress made for their favorite sleeping position. The Tulo mattress is made from four foam layers and a top knitted cover, providing a medium-firmness and cooling experience for sleepers. Plus, it comes with a 120-night free trial, so you can test drive before you commit to keeping.

Reviewers swear by the comfort of the Tulo mattress, especially those who say they have back pain. One reviewer explained, “I first bought a twin Tulo bed for my daughter who was transitioning from her toddler bed into a 'big girl bed.' I found myself laying in it each night reading to her and liked it so much, that I replaced our current king mattress with a Tulo king. The medium comfort perfectly accommodates my preference for a softer mattress with my husbands needs for a firm mattress (bad back).”

Get the Tulo mattress for $399

8. Classic Brands: The 14-inch mattress that’s comparable to a Tempur-Pedic

This mattress has more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon.
This mattress has more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are considered some of the best on the market, but they’re also rather expensive. Luckily, Classic Brands has created an affordable alternative that’s just as nice to look at as it is to sleep on. Featuring four layers, this 14-inch mattress—one of the thickest available in this price range—has a gel infused memory foam layer for comfort, a cooling gel layer to keep the heat away, and two layers of soft and firm support for a sturdy foundation. The mattress also works with an adjustable base if your bed is designed to do so. And if you care about the way your mattress looks, this one has a stretch knit fabric cover and matching side panels for a fresh and clean look.

One of the higher reviewed mattresses available on Amazon, this queen bed has people talking. One reviewer who bought the mattress for her son seems ready to steal it for herself: “You can’t go wrong with the price. I paid almost $4,000 for my Tempur-Pedic mattress and base,” she wrote. “While I love my bed, I think my son’s bed, this bed, is ever much as comfortable: maybe more. I would definitely do a do-over on my own bed.”

Get the 14-inch Queen-size Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon for $422.62

9. Zinus: The memory foam mattress infused with green tea

Who would have thought that tea would make such a difference in your mattress.
Who would have thought that tea would make such a difference in your mattress.

Yes, you read that right: green tea. And if that sounds appealing you’ll be happy to hear that this mattress is made up of multiple layers including comfort foam, support foam, and three inches of memory foam infused with all-natural green tea extract that’s not only an antioxidant, but also helps keep the mattress fresh. And we all know that you want to keep your mattress fresh.

Dubbed “The Oprah of beds” by one Amazon shopper, this mattress also comes with a 10-year limited warranty and is CertiPUR US certified so you know it’s totally safe to sleep on. But hey, if that doesn’t convince you, maybe this online review will. “This bed is like seeing your ex and they look like a potato and your eyeliner is so fleek it pierces their heart. This bed is freshly signed divorce papers. THIS BED IS ALL YOU NEED IN THIS LIFE.”

Get the Queen-size ZINUS Memory Foam 12-inch mattress for $422.98

Under $600

10. Tuft & Needle: The mattress that over one million people swear by

Tuft & Needle mattresses have a cult following online.
Tuft & Needle mattresses have a cult following online.

Tuft & Needle is quick to let you know that people really, really love their mattresses. According to the brand, 95% of customers “keep and love their T&N Original”—and it’s easy to see why. The T&N Original Mattress is made with a special foam the company developed that’s designed to help keep your spine aligned during the night while a number of fancy sounding technologies (like ceramic gel and open-cell support foam) keep you cool and comfortable by removing your body heat. People also love T&N because of the company’s 100-night trial and 10-year limited warranty that covers everything from a broken zipper to sagging.

Customers who have purchased this high-quality, budget-friendly mattress have plenty of positive things to say about their purchase. “When I wake up I feel drunk because I sleep so darn hard on this thing,” one happy customer wrote, adding, “The quality that I got with this bed for the money that I spent is simply remarkable. It’s the best bed I’ve ever purchased and oddly also the least expensive.” But hey, that’s what happens when a bed conforms to your body and your budget.

Get the Queen-sized Tuft & Needle Original Mattress for $535.50

11. Casper: The mattress you keep hearing about

Thousands of online reviewers swear by their Casper mattress.
Thousands of online reviewers swear by their Casper mattress.

Unless you live under a rock or have somehow avoided social media, you’ve probably heard of Casper, the mattress-in-a-box company that seemingly started a revolution. The brand’s Essential Mattress is a cost-friendly option that’s simple, comfortable, and durable. At 11 inches tall the mattress is made with three foam layers: a soft top layer, a memory foam middle, and a supportive base layer to keep the mattress sturdy. A washable, upholstery-grade cover keeps it clean and means it will last for years.

One Casper customer said the Casper mattress is “Kind of like a time machine,” adding, “[I’m] almost mad about how wonderful this mattress is. I sleep so well and so deeply that morning seems to arrive as soon as my head hits the pillow.” If that’s not convincing enough, one Reviewed editor tested out a Casper mattress for three years to figure out why people loved the hype.

Get the Queen-sized Casper Essential Mattress for $595

12. Cocoon: The Sealy mattress you won’t break the bank for

The Cocoon mattress claims to keep sleepers cool during the night.
The Cocoon mattress claims to keep sleepers cool during the night.

Sealy is a mattress brand that comes might be front-of-mind when it comes time to buy a new mattress. If you’re looking for name recognition but trying to stay within a certain budget, consider Sealy’s Cocoon mattress. This medium-soft mattress uses layers of foam to give you the ultimate sleep experience. The top layer is a soft knit cover made from “Phase Change Material” that absorbs heat and keeps the mattress cool to the touch. This mattress comes in medium-soft and extra firm, so you can choose the perfect comfort level for your body. And with a 100-night risk-free trial, you can sleep easy knowing you get the chance to give it a proper chance before fully committing.

“I have never ordered a mattress online before so I was anxious to see whether my husband and I would like it,” one happy customer said. “I had no reason to be worried! This mattress is amazing. We really feel like this mattress is a good value. I have recommended it to several friends. The mattress came with a black and white print that can be framed that says ‘My Happy Place’ and that about sums it up!” And that’s exactly what you want to hear when dropping a good chunk of change on something as important as a mattress.

Get the Cocoon by Sealy for $599

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