12 Best LED Face Masks for Fighting Acne and Wrinkles

12 Best LED Face Masks for Fighting Acne and Wrinkles

Believe me when I say I’ve tried nearly every treatment in the book to get clear, poreless skin. I’ve popped on countless pimple patches to minimize breakouts in a pinch; prodded and suctioned my skin with blackhead removal tools, and slathered on the best retinols for sensitive skin to help tighten and brighten my complexion. But by far, my favorite (and IMO most effective) skin-enhancing tools are LED face masks.

First making their way from spas into peoples’ homes during the pandemic, these cutting-edge devices remain beloved by countless beauty editors (like myself), celebrities, and skincare professionals—and for good reason. Originally developed by NASA in the ‘80s for plant growth experiments, the technology has since been found to offer numerous skincare benefits. “LED (or light emitting diode) therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to target anti-aging concerns, acne, and hyperpigmentation,” says double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Karam. “It can increase collagen production to ward off fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and tone, reduce inflammation, and increase blood circulation, which can overall create a more youthful complexion.”

I can attest to how powerful LED face masks can be—sans common side effects like redness and dryness that may come with using certain topical treatments. Melissa Wilson, licensed esthetician and director of education for Woodhouse Spas, also agrees. “Over time, most people do experience improvements in their skin’s appearance, as the wavelengths work to improve the skin on a deeper level than superficial creams,” says Wilson. “You typically see the best results when using LED face masks in combination with skincare products and facial treatments.”

Of course, not all LED face masks are made equally. Ultimately, “the efficacy of LED therapy is dependent on the type of device used as well as how often the device is used,” adds Dr. Karam. To help you find the ones worth investing in, we’ve compiled the 12 best LED face masks for achieving spa-level results at home. From compact, travel-ready devices to full-on Michael Myers-style masks for every budget, shop picks backed by experts, customer reviews, and our own meticulous testing.

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1) DRx SpectraLite Dpl FaceWare Pro

Dr. Dennis Gross



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“A pioneer of bringing LED face masks to the market, Dr. Dennis Gross offers a version with three different light settings and clinical studies to back up the device’s efficacy,” shares Wilson. Created by a board-certified dermatologist and dermatological surgeon, this FDA-cleared mask uses red and blue light to smooth and plump the skin while helping to clear breakouts. According to the brand, 97 percent of users showed an overall improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tone after 10 weeks and 97 percent showed overall improvement in acne after two weeks. The device comes with an adjustable head strap, built-in timer, and only needs to be worn for three minutes per session.

Amazon rating: 3.9/5 stars

2) LightStim for Wrinkles




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“We use LightStim in our office, and it’s also great for at-home treatments,” says Dr. Karam. “The brand’s handheld devices are professional quality and provide an intensity of the LED spectrum we know is going to be strong enough to achieve the changes we’re looking for.” This version uses 72 red, amber, and infrared LED bulbs to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. During your session, you’ll want to hold the device gently against your skin for three minutes, then move to another section once the included timer dings. According Dr. Karam, it can be used on the entire face for up to 30 minutes.

3) Red Light Therapy Face Mask




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Multitaskers, this one’s for you. HigherDOSE’s LED face mask is designed to help you get your spa session in at-home while tidying up or moving through a Vinyasa flow. Using malleable, medical-grade silicone and an extra head strap, “this mask is flexible and closely aligns with the contours of the face,” explains Wilson. “Because of this, it also allows for excellent light penetration.” The red and near-infrared LED lights aim to stimulate collagen production, reduce redness, and give you an overall more lifted look. Additionally, the material is designed to withstand high temperatures (in case hot yoga is your thing) and should be easy to clean between sessions.

Amazon rating: 4.1/5 stars

4) Acne Light Shot

Face Gym


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Face Gym’s new Acne Light shot is one of my personal go-to spot treatments. In fact, I was simply amazed when I first tried it. I get sporadic, hormonal breakouts on my chin, and after using this blue light treatment just twice on the area, it nearly flattened one of my deep pimples that’s typically SO hard to eliminate. Not to mention, it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. To use the device, apply two of the included adhesive strips to the tool’s interior, gently stick the tool to your skin, then press the front button to activate the tech for 20 minutes (note: the brand advises performing a patch test first and waiting 24 hours to confirm you don’t have an adverse reaction to either the light or strips). It’s easy to stick on while watching TV or catching up on your latest read, and it includes an auto shut-off function.

Sephora rating: 5/5 stars

5) LED Face Mask Light Therapy




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Featuring 370 reviews and an average 4.7-star rating, this under-$60 mask is a budget-friendly favorite on Amazon. The clear design uses red, blue, and amber LED lights to target wrinkles, pimples, dark spots, and help calm irritation. Shoppers say the mask is super lightweight and fast-acting. And thanks to its wider eye openings, you should be able to wear it with glasses, too, if needed.

Amazon rating: 4.7/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: “I’ve used it for five days, 20 minutes a day, split between the three light choices. I have been dealing with eczema around my eyes, rosacea, and acne, and it’s helped immensely with all three! I also notice that my skin feels softer with a small reduction in wrinkles, but I think I just need some time to see a big difference with that. The eczema is almost completely gone and nothing else has worked for months. I’m 1,000 percent satisfied with the product. It’s easy to use and lightweight.”

6) LED Light Therapy Mask

CurrentBody Skin



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When professional MUAs and stars like Halle Berry and Kourtney Kardashian all swear by the same LED face mask, you know it’s worth grabbing. CurrentBody’s model uses red and infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface and give you a firmer, glowier, and smoother complexion over time. According to the brand, you can expect to see results after approximately four weeks of consistent use. The device is also FDA-approved and features a mold-to-you silicone finish.

CurrentBody rating: 4.6/5 stars

A CurrentBody reviewer says: “My complexion is already fresher and brighter-looking. During the last three weeks that I’ve been using this mask, an age spot on my left cheek has faded and is now hardly noticeable (I’m 64). The mask is easy to use, and every morning I combine it with 10 minutes of mindful meditation. A fab start to my day for my skin and my mind! I can thoroughly recommend this product based on my own positive experience.”

7) Skin LED Eye Perfector




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The skin around our eyes is thinner and doesn’t have as much collagen as the rest of our body, so it’s one of the first places we might see sagging, wrinkles, and hollowing. Also from CurrentBody, this top-rated LED eye mask uses four LED wavelengths to help stimulate collagen and target these specific concerns. The glasses have a thick, padded band for comfort and reportedly 45 minutes of run time (since only three minutes are needed per session, you should get about 15 uses out of these on a single charge). For added plumping and hydration benefits, consider layering the brand's compatible Hydrogel eye masks underneath the device.

CurrentBody rating: 4.7/5 stars

A CurrentBody reviewer says: “I have only had the LED Eye Perfector for about three weeks now, and I can honestly say I have already noticed a difference with my skin around my eyes. The skin is brighter and smoother and more lifted. I will continue to use this and am looking forward to seeing what the long term outcome is.”

8) Led Face Mask Light Therapy




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Over 1,800 reviewers awarded this mask four or five stars for its versatility. It has a whopping seven light modes—including red, blue, green, and yellow, to combat everything from fine lines and wrinkles to breakouts, inflammation, and discoloration. Plus, it comes with a neck component to target below-the-chin trouble spots.

Amazon rating: 4.3/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: “This LED mask has worked better than I expected. Immediately after using this for the first time, I looked in a mirror and saw a complete disappearance of irritated skin redness and inflammation. I did not expect to see such a dramatic improvement after only a single session. The blue light also works exceptionally well at preventing acne. Had I known results would be this good, I would have bought this long ago.

I initially experienced some discomfort on the bridge of my nose due to the rubber eye pieces resting there, but the best solution is to use the mask while sitting in a mostly upright position—rather than laying on your back and having the full weight of the mask rest on your face.”

9) Contour Neck & Décolleté



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Struggling with crepey skin and age spots around your neck and chest? Treat those delicate areas to Omnilux’s tailored device. Crafted with silicone, the bib-like style is designed to sit comfortably on your body while using targeted red light therapy to reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and redness. To complete your routine, the brand sells a highly-rated face mask, sold separately.

Omnilux rating: 4.8/5 stars

An Omnilux reviewer says: “So far, everything about my purchase and use of the product has been great. I did extensive research to find the best, most proven-effective red light therapy device, and that led me to Omnilux. Packaging was luxurious and felt right for a product at this price point. I like that the neck and chest device fits snugly and is adjustable, and I like that it can be worn up against the neck or lower onto the upper chest for more or different coverage. I’ve been using my Omnilux products for about 2.5 weeks consistently, and so far my skin has never looked better. I notice a glow, improved texture, and very slight decreases in depth of neck lines and sun spots.”

10) Lightmax Supercharged Led Mask 2.0

MZ Skin



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The second iteration of Dr. Maryam Zamani’s cult-loved LED face mask is made to be both ultra-comfortable and potent. It uses red and infrared light to reduce fine lines and inflammation, as well as a combined red and blue light setting for calming skin and clearing breakouts. What’s more, its close, flexible fit even contours to the shape of your nose to allow for better light absorption. In clinical trials of 100 patients, 98 percent of subjects reported firmer skin in 12 weeks and 81 percent of subjects reported reduced acne lesions in 12 weeks.

MZ Skin rating: 5/5 stars

An MZ Skin reviewer says: “For a long time, my main concern has been deeper, static lines, so I jumped to chance to try this new device. I can vouch it does work to relax them but takes consistency over about a month. Within days however, my husband commented on a new glow to my skin. For that alone, this mask is worth it.”

11) UFO 2



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If an entire facial could be wrapped up into one nifty little device, it might look like Foreo’s UFO 2. On top of using LED red light to plump and brighten, it uses cryotherapy to de-puff, vibrations to massage and release tension, and heating technology to help face mask ingredients sink deeper into skin. Since the device is fairly compact, it should also be easy to pop in your toiletry bag.

Amazon rating: 4.3/5 stars

An Amazon reviewer says: “Feel so pampered! Love the warmth and LED light. My face is noticeably brighter, dark spots diminished!”

12) Boost LED Mask

The Light Salon



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The Light Salon’s LED mask uses two wavelengths of light—red 633nm and near-infrared 830nm—that have been studied to improve texture, tone, and firmness of the skin. The technology works on a cellular level, encouraging cell turnover and stimulating collagen production for a tighter, brighter, and plumper complexion. Additionally, it’s designed to help with stubborn breakouts by reducing excess oil and inflammation.

Bluemercury rating: 4.3/5 stars

A Bluemercury reviewer says: “This mask is worth every penny. I am a beauty gadget freak and this one is my favorite. It is easy to use, and every time I use it, I feel I look better. It gives a nice glow and makes the skin look healthier and more luminous. LOVE!”


Meet the Experts

Melissa Wilson is a licensed esthetician and the director of education for Woodhouse Spas.

Dr. Amir Karam is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon practicing in San Diego, CA and the founder and CEO of KaramMD skincare.

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When should I expect to start seeing results?

Patience and consistency are key. “Any initial change from LED light is going to be very subtle since the impact is mostly at the cellular and tissue level,” explains Dr. Karam. “Some studies have shown that skin texture and appearance can be improved even after a few sessions, but keep in mind these changes are going to be temporary. The only long-term anti-aging change that will result from LED light therapy is the potential stimulation of collagen, which takes longer to achieve and requires consistent use to maintain it. Typically, you need to use your mask at least three to four times a week to see a change in the skin over time,” he says.

“Like any new skincare device or topical treatment that you introduce into your routine, it is suggested to use a LED mask for a minimum of two to four weeks to see optimal results,” adds Wilson.

Another thing to remember is that at-home devices are not as strong as the ones found in your derm's office. “Office-based lights are much more powerful than home-based devices. However, it’s sometimes impractical to get office-based treatments and adhere to the frequency they require, so at-home LED face masks can be a suitable alternative,” Dr. Karam adds.

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LED face masks can help with fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Shop picks recommended by experts, customer reviews, and our own editor testing.