12 join Tri-Alpha at ACTC

May 7—ASHLAND — Advisers of the Alpha Alpha Alpha (AAA or Tri-Alpha) honors society at Ashland Community and Technical College hosted their first induction ceremony into the organization on April 14.

Three students and nine faculty and staff were a part of the inaugural induction. There were an additional six faculty and staff members and eight students who joined the organization but weren't in attendance for the ceremony.

Student inductees included: Kori Akers, Rhonda Hickman, Katlyn Howell, Amanda Humphries, Audra Jackson, Jennifer Mansour, Nichole McLaughlin, Jennifer McWhorter, Melissa Sparks, Jessica Slone, and Melissa Wilhite-Lemaster.

Tri-Alpha is an honors organization made up entirely of first-generation college students.

Initiated students received a certificate, a pin and a stole to wear during commencement ceremony.

"Being first can be hard. Being first can be scary. Being first can be exciting," Tri-Alpha adviser Megan Horne said during the ceremony. "As part of the first generation in your family to go to college, you are a source of pride and guidance to others."

Horne added, "By accepting membership in the Tri-Alpha honor society, you recognize your responsibility to your family and to future generations of first, to finish what you started, to be their compass leading them to their destination when the way seems uncertain, to be their light in darkness, and to support others in their own journeys of 'firsts.' By accepting membership in the Tri-Alpha honor society, you accept the obligation of thanking those who paved the way before you, and who made this journey possible for you.

By accepting membership in the Tri-Alpha honor society, you accept the responsibility of helping others as you have been helped, or as you perhaps wish you had been helped, to serve as mentors and guides for the next group of students to step foot on a college campus, as the first in their family or circle of friends. By accepting membership in the Tri-Alpha honor society, you have an obligation to take pride in your achievements and share your story, so that others learn of your accomplishments and can share in the joy of your successes."

ACTC will have another induction ceremony for Tri-Alpha in the fall.