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The Most Expensive Watches In The World

Throwing down a wad of cash on a luxury timepiece is one of the greatest indulgences a modern man can enjoy. After all, who needs a rainy day fund when you've the equivalent of a Swiss bank account on your wrist?

This month, we welcomed a new entry into a very select club: the world's most expensive watches. A one-off, 20-function Patek Philippe became the priciest wristwatch ever sold when it achieved a record-breaking sale at the OnlyWatch charity auction (you'll have to scroll down to see exactly how much it went for).

If you don't have quite that much in the savings account – or your boss won't sign off on a decade of overtime – then know that there are at least a few slightly more affordable options among the watch world's biggest price tags. Slightly being the operative word, mind.

(For the sake of fairness, we've left out all the models that are caked in bazillions of diamonds. Because that doesn't really count, does it?)

The Most Expensive Watches In The World

As Patek Philippe scores another world record, we break down horology's big ticket pieces

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