12-year-old boy writes letter to family of teen who died saving his life during shooting at church

A 12-year-old boy penned a heartbreaking letter after a teenager died to save his life in High Point.

Video Transcript


TAVARIS WRIGHT: He is brave. He is courageous. I'm going to be thoughtful, careful, and courageous.

DANIEL PIERCE: Tavaris Wright wants to be like Fred Cox when he grows up, a man he knew for just a few seconds and now considers his hero.

TAVARIS WRIGHT: He opened the door and pushed us inside the church and-- and then he made sure we were safe.

DANIEL PIERCE: On November 12, the 12-year-old and his mom were at a funeral at Living Water Baptist Church in High Point. As they were leaving, police say several people drove by and shot at the crowd.

TAVARIS WRIGHT: I was very scared. I really didn't know what's happening until I saw everybody running.

DANIEL PIERCE: Tavaris's mother watched Fred get out of his running car and run towards the entrance of the church. He made sure her and her son were safe inside when Fred was shot and killed.

- Is anybody hurt?

- Uh, yeah, he is. Somebody is hurt. Somebody down right now.

TAVARIS WRIGHT: I felt like if I was inside the church, he would have-- he would had a way to get in and been uninjured.

DANIEL PIERCE: Tavaris hasn't forgotten that day or the actions of his hero. The 12-year-old wrote out these 12 sentences--

TAVARIS WRIGHT: Yeah, it got some steam off of me.

DANIEL PIERCE: --to let Fred's parents and his two young children know exactly who their father was.

TAVARIS WRIGHT: "I just want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you because your son, Fred, saved my life. So thank you for your son's good help, heart, and sacrifice. I'm so sorry that he passed away. I want you to know that you raised your son well. And if you want me to be your godson, I will."

Fred was their only son. And I felt like that I could be their godson and bring them happiness like Fred brought them happiness.

DANIEL PIERCE: Two families now bonded because of one tragedy. Daniel Pierce, Fox 8 News.