12-year-old spreads Christmas cheer by donating presents

Haley Redmond may not be old enough to drive a car, but she is old enough to know she does not want to focus on herself this year, but rather on others around.

Video Transcript

HALEY REDMOND: Kayla, 14, stud earrings.

DANIEL PIERCE: She's got her list.

HALEY REDMOND: Haley, 13, lip gloss and lipstick.

DANIEL PIERCE: And she's checked it twice.

HALEY REDMOND: 16. He wants a funny movie.

- I'm not [INAUDIBLE]. I don't think--

DANIEL PIERCE: 12-year-old Haley Redmond is making sure kids without mommies and daddies are not forgotten on Christmas.

HALEY REDMOND: I've seen one of my favorite YouTubers. she was actually doing a Christmas thing where she'd give to a hospital to give to the kids. And I was just really wanting to do something like that.

- All right.

DANIEL PIERCE: Haley started out with around $110 of her own money saved up. Instead of spending it on herself, she wanted to buy gifts for others.

HALEY REDMOND: I like seeing their reaction because it makes me feel good that I did something good for them.

DANIEL PIERCE: Haley's mom used Facebook to share this post about her daughter's kind heart.

HALEY REDMOND: --if we should try to find a family or two to adopt.

DANIEL PIERCE: What happened next was something Haley and her mother did not expect.

- Hi, I've seen the post with your daughter. Can I send something through Cash App to help out? And please tell her she is amazing and thank you.

DANIEL PIERCE: Strangers started donating, and, in no time, Haley had $1,155 to spend.

HALEY REDMOND: I like buying stuff from stores. And since I get to buy stuff from stores, I get to give them to other people. It just gives me a little joy inside.


DANIEL PIERCE: She wrapped boxes and stuffed bags with at least one thing everyone asked for, then dropped them off outside their front doors.

- Another box!

DANIEL PIERCE: Haley's heart is full from the Christmas cheer that she's been able to spread this year. She hopes next year she could even go to every house like Santa's sled.

HALEY REDMOND: Now Santa Claus is magic. He can go around the whole entire world in one night. I can't do that.

DANIEL PIERCE: Daniel Pierce.

HALEY REDMOND: Who knows? Maybe the elves will come pick me up one night and I can be the new Mrs. Claus.


DANIEL PIERCE: Fox 8 news.