12-Year-Old Sprinter Who Can Run 17 MPH Has Her Eyes On Big Prize

CBS4's Naomi Ruchim shares Jaiya Patillo's story.

Video Transcript

- And now the story of a young sprinter from Nebraska who already has her eyes on a big prize and is working hard to fulfill her dreams. CBS4's Naomi Ruchim has the story.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Jaiya Patillo is just 12 years old and can run 17 miles per hour. This training video went viral after ESPN put it on TikTok, and now more than 100 million people have seen it.

- We started at 12 or 13. And then we had planned on stopping at 15, but my coach said it looked like I was jogging. So we went up to 17. And he said I could have went up to 18.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Jaiya is no stranger to sprinting. She's already a nine-time Junior Olympian. Her dad knew early on she was destined for the track.

- We hear Jaiya running. And I happened to look at her legs. And her legs were not just walking, but they were striding. And at that point, I knew that she would be a runner.

NAOMI RUCHIM: And she's got Mom's backing, too.

SHEREE PATILLO: We're just here to support her and be there to make sure that she gets as far as she wants to go.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Jaiya trains several days a week and tries to stay grounded, despite racking up multiple awards and medals.

JAIYA PATILLO: The main thing that I focus on is staying humble and staying true to who I am and staying focused.

NAOMI RUCHIM: Jaiya plans to keep running all the way to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Naomi Ruchim, "CBS News."