12 Pregnant or Injured Cows Flown by Helicopter Down Swiss Alps During Rescue

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Moo-ving along: Cows fly over Swiss pastures in helicopter rescue
Moo-ving along: Cows fly over Swiss pastures in helicopter rescue

Global News/YouTube

A dozen cows in Klausenpass, Switzerland were recently flown to safety via helicopter in an epic rescue.

Each year, about 1,000 cows travel from higher ground in the Swiss Alps to the Urnerboden valley, Reuters and CNN report. On Friday, 12 bovines that were pregnant or injured were airlifted down the mountain, roughly 6,400 feet above sea level.

"In exceptional cases, when some cows are injured, we can't demand that they cows walk the long and stony way down," dairy farmer Jonas Arnold told CNN. "Therefore, for their protection, they are airlifted."

As seen in the footage, the cows were transported one at a time in a sturdy harness, floating through the sky and descending to safety.

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Despite the dramatic transport, Arnold said the airlifted cows didn't seem too fazed by their aerial trip.

"I didn't ask a cow how it feels after such a flight as it couldn't answer, but it's only a short distance and it has to keep going. It was only a short calm flight," Arnold said, per WABC.

"I didn't notice any difference between the ones that flew and the ones that walked normally," he added.

According to the outlet, the rest of the herd had to hoof it down the mountain, making their way to Urnerboden.

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