12 Quarantine After 2 New COVID Cases In East Brunswick Schools

Sarah Salvadore

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ — East Brunswick School District on Friday evening reported two new COVID positive cases among students, leading to 12 people quarantining.

The students belong to Churchill Junior High School (CJHS) and East Brunswick High School (EBHS). The student from CJHS did not report any “close contacts”, while the student from EBHS was in “close contact” with six teachers and six students.

All affected individuals have been notified and asked to quarantine.

Beginning Nov. 2, the district will go on a short break, and will return on Nov. 9. School Superintendent Victor Valeski told the school community that the district has worked hard to create a safe environment for students. He said the district was ready to meet every requirement outlined in Gov. Phil Murphy’s Executive Order 192, which will come into effect Thursday, Nov. 5, at 6 a.m.

The new order signed by Murphy a few days ago, will require both private and public sector employers to follow health and safety protocols to protect in-person workforces.

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“Needless to say, in our efforts to accomplish that goal, we have already met every requirement outlined in E.O. 192,” said Valeski

Valeski thanked the staff at the school district for working hard at keeping everyone safe.

"As you can imagine, it takes a team of talented people to make this all come together. I am honestly humbled to work with such an amazing group of professionals: teachers and assistants who deliver the instruction, aides who assist, bus drivers, custodians and building maintenance, school security, child nutrition and all the nurses who perform the contact tracing when we have reports of exposures,” he said.

He also thanked the school community for being proactive in self reporting COVID cases and exposures. He asked to community to remain vigilant especially during the break.

"It will define where we will go and how fast we will get there safely. Positive COVID cases outside of EBPS are rising. Breaks like next week, offer opportunities for gathering, socializing and traveling. I know you may think I am relentless, but I cannot overemphasize that safe practices outside of schools ensure our safety in schools,” he said.

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This article originally appeared on the East Brunswick Patch