12 wedding-dress trends that will be popular in 2022, from square necklines to bridal hoods

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A bride and groom look at each other on a beach in their wedding attire.
Insider spoke to an expert about bridal trends for 2022.Tash Jones - Love Luella Photography / Getty Images
  • Insider spoke to Brides' associate editorial director, Anna Price Olson, about 2022 bridal trends.

  • Corset bodices, voluminous skirts, square necklines, and bridal hoods will all be big in 2022.

  • Many brides will be mixing old and new with accessories like birdcage veils and elbow-length gloves.

Brides are going to be mixing traditional and modern elements in their dresses.

Brides are blending tradition with the unexpected.Foc Kan / Contributor / Getty Images

According to a study conducted by Investopedia and Brides, more engaged couples than ever are embracing nontraditional elements at their weddings.

"Of the people we surveyed, 41% said they were mixing things up and that they're doing both traditional elements and unconventional elements," Anna Price Olson, the associate editorial director at Brides, told Insider of what couples are planning for their 2022 weddings.

"I think couples today really feel free and that they can plan their own way," Olson went on to say. "They can break the rules when they want to, they can showcase their personality. And fashion is such a huge part of that personal stamp on weddings."

One way Olson has seen 2022 brides differentiate themselves is by mixing vintage looks with modern accessories.

For instance, brides are pairing birdcage veils and elbow-length gloves with modern dresses.

A bride in a short wedding dress wears a birdcage veil.
Classic accessories like birdcage veils and gloves are getting a new life.Courtesy of Erdem/Brides

As Olson told Insider, it's not uncommon to see a birdcage veil or gloves at a wedding at the moment.

But in 2022, brides will be mixing them with minidresses, blazer dresses, or colorful gowns, giving classic accessories a modern feel.

Square necklines will be common for 2022 gowns.

A bride poses in a wedding dress with a square neckline.
Square necklines are becoming more popular.Courtesy of Brides/Theia

"It's very flattering on many brides," Olson said of square necklines. "And I think that it's also a modern take on a traditional neckline."

"Because of the sharpness of the edges, it feels modern. And I think it lends itself to a glam, modern, sleek, minimalistic ceremony," she went on to say.

Olson said she also thinks the square neckline is rising in popularity because of "Bridgerton." The shape was a staple of the Regency fashion spotlighted in the steamy show.

You can also expect to see many brides wearing gowns that have exposed corset bodices.

A bride poses in a garden wearing a yellow wedding dress with a corset bodice and a tiered skirt.
Corset bodices are on the rise.Courtesy of Brides/Andrew Kwon

Olson told Insider that exposed corsets are becoming more popular in the bridal world not only because they show off brides' figures, but also because they spotlight how a dress is made.

"It feels like you're seeing the making of the dress," Olson said of the style.

"These wedding dresses are so beautifully crafted, and being able to see the corset that holds it all together" emphasizes the work that went into making it, she added.

Brides are embracing volume in their dresses with oversized ruffles and tiered tulle.

A bride looks over her shoulder.
Big skirts are in.Courtesy of Brides/Amsale

Oversized ruffles and skirts made of tiered tulle will both be common in 2022, giving wedding dresses a more dramatic look.

"I think the wedding is back and bigger than ever, and in some cases, the dresses are too," Olson told Insider of why these voluminous styles are on the rise.

"It's really beautiful, deep texture detailing and showing, again, the fabric that makes up that dress," she added of the looks.

2022 brides are also embracing rosettes, which are three-dimensional flowers, on their wedding dresses.

An assortment of wedding dresses hang on a rack.
Rosettes are becoming popular again.Marina Sovenko / EyeEm / Getty Images

"Something that I love seeing is that modern take on an older design," Olson said, which is why she likes that rosettes are making a comeback in 2022.

Some of these gowns have small rosette touches, while others are completely covered in the flowers.

"They feel elevated and modern, but still very much romantic," Olson said of the style. "People are having fun with that."

High necklines aren't going anywhere in 2022.

grace kelly wedding
Grace Kelly at her wedding to Prince Rainier, in Monaco Cathedral, on April 19, 1956.AP

Grace Kelly's famous wedding dress served as inspiration for stars like Jasmine Tookes and Paris Hilton in the past year, and Olson anticipates other brides will be embracing the long-sleeve, high-neckline look in a modern way in 2022.

"That gorgeous high-neckline moment just feels timeless," Olson said.

The bridal hood will likely replace the bridal cape in 2022.

A woman poses wearing a bridal hood.
Bridal hoods are on the rise.Courtesy of Brides/Nadia Manjarrez

"I think it's the new iteration of the bridal cape, which we have been seeing for a few years," Olson said of bridal hoods.

She said signs point to the hood being the latest iteration of a veil alternative, as they have started popping up on red carpets.

Lily Collins also wore a bridal hood designed by Ralph Lauren to her wedding this year.

Color is playing a bigger role in the wedding dress world.

A model walks a runway in a pink wedding dress.
Colorful dresses are in.Estrop / Contributor / Getty Images

More and more brides have been embracing colorful dresses in recent years, and Olson says that trend will only get stronger in 2022.

"We've seen lots of beautiful pastels in terms of blues, blushes, and muted yellows," she said.

Other brides are mixing black and white fabric on their dresses, adding statement black bows or black lace detailing to their wedding gowns.

Dresses covered in colorful flowers will be big in 2022.

A bride holds out her flower covered dress in a field.
Dresses covered in flowers are also becoming more popular.miodrag ignjatovic/Getty Images

They're "really embellished florals that showcase the actual colors of the flowers," Olson said of the floral dresses that are becoming popular.

"It actually feels like you're looking at a flower," she added.

It's becoming more common for brides not to wear a dress at all to their weddings.

A woman poses in a bridal top and pants.
Some brides aren't wearing dresses.Courtesy of Brides/Rivini by Rita Vinieris

As Olson told Insider, bridal suits, separates, and pantsuits have never been so popular.

Brides are also gravitating toward them for rehearsal dinners and other pre-wedding events.

Overall, brides will be intentionally showing their personalities with their wedding looks in 2022.

wedding dress
Brides are sharing who they are with their dresses.Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

"Brides are really seeing an opportunity to express themselves in their wedding dresses," Olson said.

For instance, if a bride is a fan of bows, her wedding dress will likely feature a big, oversized bow, according to Olson.

"It's like you want to scream, 'I'm romantic,' or 'I'm a modern bride,'" she went on to say. "You want your dress to be obvious of what makes the wedding you."

Olson said she thinks brides are leaning toward dramatic looks because weddings are estimated to be bigger than ever in 2022, but she also thinks over-the-top looks make sense for modern brides in general.

"It reads well on social," she said of maximalist dresses. "I think that it makes for gorgeous photos, and I think that people are very much leaning into that."

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