13 Horrible Bosses Who Will Make You Feel Grateful For Your Own

Recently, a LOT of people have posted about their awful bosses in the r/antiwork subreddit. People shared photos of insensitive text exchanges with their managers as well as signs posted on office walls that showed pretty toxic work environments.

Peacock / Via giphy.com

Last month, I rounded up 15 of the most jarring posts in the subreddit, and it looks like many more people have since added to the forum. And so, without further ado, here are 13 more managers who may possibly be worse than your own:

1. The sign writer:

2. The "your health problems aren't convenient for me" boss:

3. The "do not discuss pay" manager:

4. The one who wants everyone to "go beyond":

5. The grinch:

6. The boss who will happily cut hours:

7. The tip overlord:

8. The manager who thinks they are the dictionary:

9. The one who makes it difficult to give thanks:

10. The contract boss:

11. The "ur fired" boss:

12. The list lover:

13. And finally, the anti-phone manager:

What do you think? Do you have a terrible boss? Let me know in the comments!