13 Yummy Dog Treats for Your Four-Legged Trick-or-Treaters

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In case you missed it, dressing up with your dog in matching Halloween costumes is a big thing this year. The only problem? Chocolate and dogs do not mix. So, to treat your pup and prepare for any canine trick-or-treaters you might meet at your front door, it’s wise to stock up on some drool-inducing dog delectables. 

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1. Dingo Twist Sticks

Sure, they look more like peppermint-flavored Christmas treats, but we doubt Rufus will complain as he gnaws that rawhide and turkey jerky filling.

Get it ($6)

2. Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier Biscuits

Like a peanut butter cup for dogs, with less chocolate, more crunch and—ooh!—a little bit of apple mixed in. 

Get it ($7)

3. Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Chews

For the health-conscious dog parent, these dehydrated sweet potato goodies give Rufus’s coat extra shine and his body a boost of fiber. One healthy treat on Halloween is OK! 

Get it ($14)

4. Wet Noses Organic Peanut Butter and Banana Treats

OK, maybe two healthy treats. But these peanut butter and banana discs will taste so good your pup will be fooled into thinking he’s getting special treatment.

Get it ($25)

5. Good N Fun Triple Flavor Rawhide Kabobs

Kind of like Nerds Rope for dogs, these rawhide kabob sticks will last a while and are full of real duck, chicken and liver. You know, the three classic Halloween flavors.

Get it ($9)

6. Pet N’ Shape Chik’n Dumbbells

What’s not to love about a bite-sized ball of chicken and rice stuck onto a stick of rawhide? They look like mini drumsticks, which is just cute.

Get it ($12)

7. Three Dog Bakery Classic Cremes

Honestly, watch yourself to make sure you don’t sneak one of these doggie cookies for yourself! They’re made with carob powder (a cocoa alternative) and peanut butter. Um…yum?

Get it ($7)

8. Solimo Chicken Jerky

Start out your trick-or-treating route with this protein-packed snack for an energy boost. If Rufus loves it, try the duck and sweet potato versions, too.

Get it ($18)

9. Nudges Steak Grillers

Steak is to dogs what candy is to kids. You’ll be #1 mom on the street if you hand these out (to dogs, not kids).

Get it ($15)

10. Delightfully Delicious All Natural Dog Treats with Organic Pumpkin

Is your dog also on the pumpkin spice bandwagon? Jump on board with these tiny bones full of organic pumpkin goodness.

Get it ($10)

11. Brutus and Barnaby Cinnamon and Pumpkin Sweet Potato Sticks

If treats make your dog’s stomach do somersaults, try these fall-flavored sticks. Full of good fiber and antioxidants, they do wonders for healthy digestion.

Get it ($13)

12. Bocce’s Bakery Pumpkin Cheesecake Biscuits

Pumpkin cheesecake? Again, try not to eat your dog’s treats. He did lots of tricks for those!

Get it ($6)

13. Premium Care Stress & Anxiety Calming Chews

Halloween isn’t for everyone; if trick-or-treaters or scary lawn ornaments freak Rufus out, try these calming treats to soothe his anxiety.

Get it ($31)

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