14 Actually Autistic Influencers You Should Follow on Instagram

Renee Fabian
Actually Autistic Instagram Influencers

In case you didn’t already know, the actually autistic community on social media is an amazing place to meet and interact with other autistic folks. The actually autistic community does some of the most important autism advocacy work on the internet. The community is a force for social justice and a great place to find others who “get it.”

Mighty contributor Jessica Chen outlined just how valuable it is to follow, listen to and learn from the actually autistic community in her article, “This Autism Awareness Month, Please Listen to Autistic People“:

Listen to autistic adults and their stories, because we exist. Autistic adults have been through school, university and job-hunting, and we have a range of experiences to share, from supportive experiences to traumatic ones. Let us tell our stories.

Following actually autistic people on social media, reading their blogs and watching their videos can be one of the best ways to support, affirm and embrace your neurodiversity all year round — and educate others why we should be advocating for autism acceptance as opposed to “awareness.” With that in mind, we asked The Mighty community for the actually autistic influencers on Instagram they recommend following.

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Here’s who they suggested:

1. Daniel M. Jones (@theaspieworld)

Mighty community member @ghostpatronus recommended Daniel Jones for being “very informative and positive.” Jones, who is also on YouTube, shares videos about what it’s like being on the spectrum on his Instagram. Past topics have included everything from weighted blankets and autism symptoms you need to know to anxiety and sensory overload. He also posts snapshots from his daily life in the U.K.

Follow Jones on Instagram @theaspieworld.

2. Haley Moss (@haleymossart)

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Haley Moss wears many hats as an attorney, artist, author and speaker. Like many other people on the spectrum, after receiving her autism diagnosis at 3 years old, her family was told not to have high expectations. Now she is an autism advocate, especially for autistic women, using her experiences to celebrate neurodiversity.

“Haley has had the distinct honor of being the first Autistic woman in Florida to pass the Florida Bar Exam and become an attorney,” Mighty community member Dan Jackson shared on why he follows Moss. “Her attitude is amazing, and her spirit is wonderful! She gives hope and inspiration to families like mine!”

Follow Moss on Instagram @haleymossart.

3. Leanne Libas (@callmemisslibas)

Leanne Libas is busy as a college student and blogger for the Art of Autism, but she still finds time to post on Instagram about being on the spectrum and the importance of autism acceptance. She regularly takes down stereotypes about autism and points out ableism with plenty of opportunities to shares her favorite make-up looks (complete with tutorials).

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Follow Libas on Instagram @callmemisslibas.

4. John Elder Robison (@johnelderrobison)

Neurodiversity scholar and author John Elder Robison has done some amazing things in his career. For example, he designed special effects guitars for the storied rock band KISS, wrote a 2007 best-selling memoir “Look Me in the Eyes” and owns and operates one of the largest car restoration companies in the U.S. for high-end rides. Following Robison on Instagram will also give you a peek into some of his stunning photography work.

Follow Robison on Instagram @johnelderrobison.

5. Sara Jane Harvey (@agonyautie)

Agony Autie — aka Sara Jane Harvey — is an autism advocate and presenter. On Instagram, she frequently shares videos about what it’s like to be on the spectrum, especially the importance of stimming and sensory tools. She’s also a chronic illness warrior, sharing on Facebook she lives with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Follow Harvey on Instagram @agonyautie.

6. Drewy Curious (@drewynovaclara)

Drewy Curious is an actually autistic model and actress who also lives with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and other chronic illnesses, is deaf and is an outspoken disability advocate. Her Instagram is full of colorful affirmative posts that celebrate diversity and disability, whether she’s in a pool, posed in her wheelchair high above the city or against a street art mural using her braces.

Follow Curious on Instagram @drewynovaclara.

7. Amythest Schaber (@amythestschaber)

On Instagram, Amythest Schaber mostly shares snapshots from their daily life, including their amazing cat Jiji. Everywhere on the internet (often as @neurowonderful), Schaber advocates for autism acceptance, neurodiversity and disability as an artist, writer and speaker. They created the popular YouTube educational series “Ask an Autistic” and recently started a new series titled “Neurowondervlog.” 

Follow Schaber on Instagram @amythestschaber.

8. Chris Bonnello (@aautisticnotweird)

Chris Bonnello shares his work as an author, speak and advocate on Instagram and across social media. On his website, Bonnello shared he wasn’t diagnosed as autstic as a child because evaluators decided he wasn’t “severe” enough. He didn’t receive a diagnosis until he was 25 years old. In 2016, Bonnello wrote his first book, which shared responses to 150 autistic kids on “What We Love Most About Life.” Currently a tutor for students with disabilities, he also wrote a novel, “Underdogs,” featuring autistic war heroes.

Follow Bonnello on Instagram @aautisticnotweird.

9. Christa Holmans (@neurodivergentrebel)

Neurodivergent Rebel (aka Christa Holmans) uses her social media presence to “destroy stigma and spread positivity,” whether that’s through snapshots of everyday life, stimming tools or autism advocacy messages. In 2018, Holmans, along with Agony Autie and other actually autistic influencers, started the #TakeTheMaskOff campaign to raise awareness about the stress of feeling the need to “mask” or hide your signs of autism and to celebrate neurodiversity.

Follow Holmans on Instagram @neurodivergentrebel.

10. Taylor Linloff (@aspirationalautistic)

Artist and writer Taylor Linloff, who hails from Nova Scotia, uses her Instagram platform to educate others about being on the spectrum and breaking down common autism myths and misconceptions. For example, one recent post talks about autism and empathy, and that many autistic people experience hyperempathy. On her blog, Linloff said she hopes her posts will make others feel less alone.

Follow Linloff on Instagram @aspirationalautistic.

11. Joy Johnson (@joyfjohnson)

Who better to work as a behavioral therapist than an actually autistic adult? Instagramer Joy Johnson is one such person, and she shares her thoughts on what some popular therapy research gets right and wrong about autism, urging researchers to talk to actually autistic people and better understand neurodiversity. For a daily dose of the truth behind autism science from someone on the spectrum, Johnson’s account is the place to go.

Follow Johnson on Instagram @joyfjohnson.

12. Emma (@undercoverautie)

Emma’s Undercover Autie Instagram is beautifully curated to share what being on the spectrum and living with a chronic illness looks like. A U.K.-based writer, Emma said she wasn’t diagnosed until she was 26. Like many other autistic women who aren’t diagnosed as early, Emma was ‘undercover’ for most of her life. She hopes her social presence and work will be relatable for others who are going through similar things.

Follow Emma on Instagram @undercoverautie.

13. Jeremiah Josey (@jercookingadventure)

Jeremiah Josey is all about tasty treats as an aspiring pastry chef, and offers a healthy serving of autism advocacy on his Instagram account. Josey also hosts a YouTube cooking show, “Jeremiah’s Cooking Adventures” and also wrote a book about his experience of being on the spectrum, “Here’s What I Want You To Know.” You can also catch him as part of Kohl’s recent release of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities.

Follow Josey on Instagram @jercookingadventure.

14. James Sinclair (@autisticandunapologetic)

If you follow his Instagram, you’ll catch blogger James Sinclair everywhere from the red carpet at a literature festival to the set of a game show. He shares plenty of snippets from his blog, Autistic and Unapologetic, as well as great shots from his travel around the world. (And check out the post he shared after he got engaged!)

Follow Sinclair on Instagram (@autisticandunapologetic).

Favorite actually autistic influencers?

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