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14 Bible Verses to Celebrate Your Loved One's Birthday

Birthdays are simply the best. Parties, games, cake, presents, and loved ones coming together to celebrate another milestone in our wonderful lives. These are the moments to remember that God’s gift of life is the greatest gift of all and that every single life is precious. It’s important to take time to remember on your own birthday or the birthday of someone you love to reflect and thank the Lord for all that he has given you, and to look forward on what is to come. The Bible has plenty of verses about birthdays to get you in a reflective mood, or to simply write on the inside of a meaningful card.

God provides us with so many blessings and the Bible reminds us that he never leaves our side — so as you or your loved one steps into a new year, share the Lord’s unwavering love with them. It’s truly the best present anyone could ever ask for.

14 Bible Verses to Celebrate Your Loved One's Birthday

"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

From Woman's Day