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14 Bible Verses About Prayer and the Power It Holds

Whenever we have a problem in our lives, want to celebrate a big moment, ease our anxiety, or simply enjoy life, we typically turn to those we love most to share with. But, it’s important to communicate with God, too — and there’s no better way to do so than with a prayer. A daily prayer allows us to strengthen our relationship with the Lord and truly appreciate the power that our faithful words have.

God listens to us each and every day, and we’ll see him answer our prayers in the most unexpected ways. These Bible verses
about prayers will get us in the right mindset to leave everything up to the Lord or, when we’re doubting our faith the most, give us examples when prayer can reunite us with our Savior. Scripture is here to remind us that God will never leave our side. He is here to guide us, he is our strength, and he is here to lead us to eternal life in heaven.

14 Bible Verses About Prayer and the Power It Holds

There's no stronger connection to God than prayer.

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