14 Heartwarming Dwayne Johnson Quotes About Raising Daughters

Louisa Ballhaus

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When you think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you may think of how you see him in movies: an action hero, all muscle and grit (and did we mention muscle?). But Dwayne Johnson’s best quotes about raising daughters prove that, off-set, Johnson is actually a total sweetheart. And obviously, that nothing brings out his soft side more than his three daughters: Simone (age 18), Jasmine (age 3), and Tiana (age 1).

Johnson has a lot to say about his daughters: how much they love him, how much they’ve taught him, and how he’s trying to build the best future he can for them. He shares Simone with ex-wife Dany Garcia, and Jasmine and Tiana with new wife Lauren Hashian. Johnson regularly expresses admiration not just for his daughters, but for their mothers, gushing about their parenting skills in a Fatherly interview earlier this year. “My first wife is just a spectacular mom to Simone,” he tells the outlet. “And Lauren — just bringing motherhood to the next level. Really. She’s balancing being my much better half, and properties and staff, and her career and motherhood and babies and everything. And the unique pressures and responsibilities of being who she is to me.”

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If this kind of emotional intelligence and sincerity is up your alley, read on — Johnson gushing over the incredible women in his life is just getting started.

On Having The Greatest Job

In November 2015, Johnson had an interview on Oprah’s Master Class in which he discussed his relationship with his oldest daughter Simone. “I always wanted to be a great dad,” Johnson says. “I always wanted to give Simone things that I felt I never got. When I held her when she was born, I held her in these two hands and I said to her, ‘I will always, always take care of you, for the rest of your life. You are safe.’ Literally held her in these two hands. Throughout the years, throughout the ups and downs, I’ve realized that the most important thing that I could do with my daughter is lead our life with love. Not success, not fame, not anything else but, ‘I’m always here for you. I love you.’

“I realized being a father is the greatest job I have ever had and the greatest job I will ever have,” Johnson added.

On The Importance of Trust

In that same Master Class interview, Johnson shares another anecdote about a conversation with Simone (then 13 years old): “There was a time where I said, ‘Do me a favor: I want you to tell me what is the thing that you love most about our relationship.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, come on.’ And I’m like, ‘No, no. What’s the one thing that you love most about our relationship?’ And she said, ‘Well, that I trust you.’ And for a 13-year-old girl to say that to her dad, considering where I was at 13, the instability I had […] that moved me. And so, you know, at 13, she’s saying that and… you know, I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

On His Daughter’s Future

In April 2017, Johnson took to Instagram to discuss his plans for his daughter Jasmine’s future. “There are mornings in life where there are no words.. this is not one of those mornings,” the Jumanji star wrote. “Jazzy, let daddy tell you his goals. By 5, you’ll be looking people in the eye when you firmly shake their hand. By 8, you’ll know how to fish, drive daddy’s pick up truck and do cardio. And by 10, you’ll be able to directly say to people, “Great job, I like it a lot, but let’s see how we can make it better”. Helluva plan right sweetheart? Buh! *she points to the ground at a bug. It was a good talk.”

On Watching His Daughter Be Born

When Johnson saw his daughter Tiana be born in April 2018, suffice it to say that his life completely changed. This caption is a long one, so we’ll stick to key excerpts — but we definitely recommend reading the full post when you get a chance. “Blessed and proud to bring another strong girl into this world. Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and Mama @laurenhashianofficial labored and delivered like a true rockstar,” the Hobbs & Shaw star writes. “I was raised and surrounded by strong, loving women all my life, but after participating in baby Tia’s delivery, it’s hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for @laurenhashianofficial and all mamas and women out there.”

Johnson continues: “To my third and youngest daughter, Tiana Gia […] you have my word, I’ll love, protect, guide and make ya laugh for the rest of my life. Your crazy dad has many responsibilities and wears many hats in this big ol’ world, but being your dad will always be the one I’m most proud to wear. Oh and one more thing.. you’re gonna love rollin’ in daddy’s pick up truck.”

On The World He Wants For His Daughters

In August 2018, Johnson shared another pic of him and Jasmine for Women’s Equality Day, reflecting on his daughter’s path through life. “She can be anything she wants. She can sit at any table. She can trailblaze a path, while humbly and gratefully recognizing those before her who paved the way. She and her big sister, Simone and her baby sister, Tiana Gia will always have a strong voice and always make a positive impact,” he writes. “She can also just forcefully shove a buttery, delicious croissant 🥐 in daddy’s mouth when daddy is on a very strict diet.”

On How Time Flies

In October 2018, Johnson shared another sweet anecdote about Jasmine, and the importance of cherishing every moment — even when you’re sleep-deprived, cranky and just want to stay in bed (sound familiar?). “Working late and had only 3hrs sleep when this tornado 🌪 busts in our bedroom, jumps on me and pleads with me to get up and take her to my closet (she keeps toys in my closet) to play. We get there and then – surprise – she refuses to play and just wants me to hold her while she makes fart noises 💨🤦🏾‍♂️Tired as all hell, but thought ehh there’s gonna come a time, years from now when jumping in my arms is the last thing she wants to do and ain’t gonna be cool anymore — so I’ll always take these moments while I can.”

On Holding His Daughters

In December 2018, Johnson reflected once again on how quickly his girls grow up, and vowed to hold them every chance he could get. “Daddy’s arms,” Johnson writes. “I ain’t gonna be able to hold ‘em like this forever, so you better believe I snatch these cookies and love ‘em up every moment I can. Plus, I know there’s gonna come a day where in daddy’s arms is the last place they want to be. Baby Tiana Gia is already there with the “help me” look on her face 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ Can’t guarantee I’ll love and protect all my daughters for the rest of their lives, but I can guarantee I will for the rest of mine.”

On How His Daughters Lift Him Up

Johnson’s been blowing up in recent years, but he needs his daughters to keep him humble — and hype him up before a big day. In February 2019, he wrote this: “When this lil’ estrogenic mini-me waits for me at the door and says “Daddy, have a great work today”.. I scoop her up and start to 🎣 for 🖤😂 Truth is, she’s exactly what I needed to see before hoppin’ in my pick up to go and shoot the biggest and most meaningful magazine cover of my career. Gotta keep it under wraps for now, but I’m so grateful and humbled by this career milestone – and look forward to sharing it with you when it comes out. I’m 97% sure I bribed Jazzy with broccoli to say nice things about me when the camera is rolling. Don’t judge. It’s how I roll.”

On Knowing What’s Important

In May 2019, Johnson shared how he celebrated his birthday with his girls: “My lil’ queens, Tia & Jazzy made my birthday.
Good reminder for me of what’s really important in life and why I work the way I do. Only thing missing was my other daughter Simone, but two outta three of a good thing ain’t ever bad so I’ll take it. These two baked me an apple cake with sprinkles and three candles for the amount of hours I’m going to sleep in 2019.”

On Growing Up In a House Full of Women

On ExtraTV in July 2019, Johnson talked again on ExtraTV about how humbled he is to grow up around these strong women. “[Jasmine’s] so beautiful, and her and Tia — and of course my oldest Simone — it’s just the best thing… I have a house full of just strong, bad-ass women… It’s terrifying, but it’s awesome,” the star expresses. “I grew up an only child […] My dad was tough. He kicked my ass, so there was a lot of testosterone growing up, so there is this balance, having all this estrogenic energy, then also me having the opportunity to infuse ‘father’ and hopefully setting a standard of what a man should be in their lives.”

On His Daughter’s Favorite Games

It totally seems like Jasmine is the light of Johnson’s life — but after July 4, 2019, Johnson shared how she can be a bit of a troublemaker too. “Lil’ Jazzy’s favorite pool game is me being a great white shark hunting her down while I say the JAWS theme song.. dun dun…dun dun…dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun… and it all ends in kisses,” Johnson writes on Instagram. “She also plays the game where she takes whatever I’m drinking and slowly dumps it in the pool while looking at me and laughing. She a disrupter 🤣😈 ~ I love it. Hope you all had a great and grateful 4th with your families✌🏾🥃.”

Johnson shared a similar post in June as well, sharing another one of Jasmine’s favorite games: “I know how this dance goes with my lil’ Jazzy who clings to me like a spider monkey 24/7 🐒 Daddy, I’m thirsty, can I have some of your water? Of course you can baby. I pour it, she takes the water, looks at me and slowly dumps it on the towel. I look angry. She smiles. I smile. She laughs hard. I laugh harder. She laughs even harder. Repeat until there’s no more water. Then she runs off and I’m left with an empty water bottle. One of the many reasons I cherish 😂🙏🏾🖤 my off days.”

On Learning As He Goes

In an August 2019 interview with Fatherly, Johnson reflects on how he’s changed as a father, and what that means for his relationship with each of his girls. “After my divorce, I’ve learned so much,” the Rampage star admits. “It’s allowed me to take those experiences with Simone and apply them to her little sisters. Now, years later, I get to have this wonderful relationship with Simone, who is 17, and this beautiful, powerful relationship with my younger daughters, who are 3 years old and 15 months. Through life and experience, I’m a different kind of dad.”

And it’s not just life and experience that teach him: “[My daughters] teach me so much, and continue to check me,” he says. “They’re the equalizer.”

On Making His Daughters Laugh

In that same Fatherly interview, Johnson talked about how much he loves to make his girls laugh. “I will do honestly anything to bring a smile to my babies’ faces,” he says. “That unique age of, 12 to 15 months, 2 years, everything is a wonderment, and you can make Pikachu come to life. It’s wonderful magic that I really, really love. I’m like a big kid. I joke with Lauren all the time and I drive her crazy. I’m going to take this whole room and change it up. It’s the fun part, to be Pikachu. Those memories will last forever.”

On Being Blessed

On an August 2019 appearance on Good Morning America, Johnson kept the message simple: “As men, you know, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah I’m going to raise my son’,” he says. “But having all daughters, it’s the greatest blessing I’ve ever had.”

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