14 Parents Who Were Not Expecting To Encounter This Kind Of Comedy At Their Kids' Schools

1. This school, which had a hilarious way of censoring the David in the student art exhibit:

The David wearing underwear

2. This school bus, which has a hysterically ironic bumper sticker on the back:

A student driver sticker on a school bus

3. This school, which posted this hysterical teacher feedback form, complete with an Ice Cube meme:

"No one threw up or cried today. Today was a good day."

4. This school, which made a hilarious picture day typo that caused a lot of questions:

5. This school, where a hysterically confusing garden sign was posted:

"Taco Garden"

6. This school, which posted this "student" yearbook photo:

7. This school, which put up a seriously clever kids' art display:

8. And this school, where a parent found a random gangsta SpongeBob coloring sheet, because of course:

9. This school, whose lanyards are complete with the school mascot name and the Wu-Tang symbol, of course:

10. This sign, whose letters were arranged to say this:

"Chode season"

11. This school parent, who put this hilarious bumper sticker on the back of their car:

12. This school, which posted this inspirational message on the classroom wall:

13. This school, which hasn't yet managed to catch the less-than-inspiring message written nearby:

"Your kid is a moron"

14. And lastly, this kids' play center and its sign fail, which led to a confusing — and hilarious — understanding of their rules: