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40 Tenth Avenue by Studio Gang (New York, New York)

By the end of 2019, visitors to New York’s Meatpacking District neighborhood will be greeted by an all-new modern office building. While the structure will surely stand out to its neighbors, the design will not be as easy to decipher. Inspired by the cosmos, Studio Gang angled the building based on the rays of the sun. Yet what makes this design so special, and so different from almost any other in the city, is that its shape was formed exclusively with the public in mind. To that end, Studio Gang carved away spaces of the building to allow ample amounts of sunlight to hit New York’s popular, much-traveled High Line park. While the public green space snakes right next to Studio Gang’s newest design, the quality of light and overall experience for its many visitors is not diminished—if anything, they're enhanced.

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