14-Year-Old Boy In Good Condition After Being Shot In The Foot In Lawndale

A 14-year-old boy was shot in the foot Thursday morning in the Lawndale neighborhood.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: After 452 days, Chicago will finally fully reopen, that decision today from the mayor. COVID-19 rules go away next Friday, June 11 in the city and across the state.

IRIKA SARGENT: CBS 2's Steven Graves is live in Humboldt Park, where, Stephen, you found not everyone is ready to completely open.

STEVEN GRAVES: Yeah, Brad, Irika, this news definitely an unexpected gift, but people I'm talking to out here say, we are not in the COVID clear just yet. There is, though, that common feeling, especially among young businesses, of nervous excitement.

As the rules stand at Chavas Tacos in West Town, right now if you come in, you cannot sit.

- Everybody is tired of eating in their cars.

STEVEN GRAVES: People turn away when they see the space out, stand only signs.

- We are ready. We want everybody to come in and eat.

STEVEN GRAVES: And come next Friday, that can happen. A Phase 5 green light surprise from Mayor Lori Lightfoot today, originally saying, a full reopening was not happening until July 4. June 11, though, no social distancing required at places like restaurants, but businesses can make the choice on that or masking up.

Are you just saying, if the city allows it, we're just going to do it.

- If the city allows it, we are going to do it. Our doors are open.

IVAN VEGA: But for us, we're not ready to open our doors.

STEVEN GRAVES: Theaters are also on that full reopening list, but the Urban Theater Company in Humboldt Park says, it has other ideas. No audience for live performances in the small space yet, but actors will record plays.

IVAN VEGA: Find ways where we can have a virtual presentation and also have outdoor presentations of the play as well.

STEVEN GRAVES: Executive director Ivan Vega has hesitation on opening in part because people in his community, specifically with underlying conditions, are still getting sick.

IVAN VEGA: They've passed, or they just have been very sick. So things are opening up, but we don't know what's going to happen down the line.

STEVEN GRAVES: The mayor says, a case count to drop social distancing and vaccinations have gotten us to this point, but in Mendez and Vega's zip codes, full vaccinations can still go up at least by 40%. Today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot also urging young, Black Chicagoans to fill a gap and to get the vaccine.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: We got to get you vaccinated.

STEVEN GRAVES: A reminder there is still a pandemic.

And following that federal mandate, masks are still required in the city, on public transit, health care settings, and schools. Now, festival's, office spaces, sports venues also join that full reopening list. But again, businesses do have the right to, say, require masks or vaccines moving forward. Reporting live in Humboldt Park, Steven Graves, CBS 2 News.