14 Tech Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye

Willis Wee
asia startups weekly feature
asia startups weekly feature

Another week has passed in Tech in Asia and below is the list of startups which we have covered. For tips and stories suggestions, feel free to email us at Editors[at]techinasia[dot].com. Enjoy!

1. Kopi Tiam | Singapore

We wrote about the game, Kopi Tiam last week. So this week we did a follow up with the game’s creator, Afzanizam Zahari.

2. GalliGalli | Nepal

A Nepalese brother and sister team is hoping to put the nation’s capital Kathmandu on the map. Literally, and digitally. The aim – in their “GalliGalli” project which is now seeking crowdfunding – is to create a resource for locals and tourists alike that will cover the city’s venues, public transport, and streets and alleyways (called “galli”).

3. TreeCrunch | Hong Kong

Founded in October 2011, TreeCrunch is a Hong Kong-based data analytics company which aims to want to make data crunching easy with actionable recommendations.

4. ArtKred | Singapore

ArtKred, founded by undergraduate Spencer Yang, is a Singapore-based startup that aims to promote and sell Asian act online.

5. CuriousCatch | Singapore

Singapore-based startup CuriousCatch.com entered into the e-commerce battlefield this week. But it has approached it with a twist — using video as an extra factor to engage its consumers.

6. DocDoc | Singapore

Finding a doctor is a pain, and booking an appointment is another pain still. DocDoc aims to solve both problems, making finding and booking an appointment with a doctor more convenient

7. Momo | China

For a startup to go from zero to ten million users in the space of a year, and to have done so very organically, is impressive. And so Beijing-based Momo, makers of the flirtatious location-based app for chatting up nearby strangers, can be forgiven for getting all excited about hitting that dual milestone this week.

8. Yotomo | Indonesia

Indonesian location-based app Yotomo plans to release a new QR and NFC scan feature in its mobile app on August 10, and the startup also disclosed its plan to get into Groupon-style daily deals in the future.

9. Quan | Japan

Quan Inc., a Tokyo-based startup known for having introduced the smartphone messaging app Lounge, announced this week it had allocated new shares to Japan’s e-commerce giant Netprice.com and Singapore-/Tokyo-based investor East Ventures.

10. Anti-Cancer Commune | China

Anti-Cancer Commune (抗癌公社) is very new — it launched just this month — but it has already gotten a little bit of media attention domestically thanks to its unique approach to cancer.

11. Italki | China

With the idea that we learn faster from fellow humans than from textbooks, Shanghai-based italki is a language learning social network and marketplace

12. Honeytask | India

It can be hard for small teams of companies to find the right tools with which they can come together and work collaboratively. There are many solutions out there such as Basecamp, Yammer, and Trello which certainly help. But India-based startup Vheeds believes they have a better solution.

13. LoveByte | Singapore

Muacks! Kisses! Hugs! Now you can do all these in an app. I mean, you can do it via SMS, email, or any chat apps out there. But LoveByte gives you that extra loving sensation for digital romance messaging.

14. Dropmyemail | Singapore

Less than half a year after first launching, the Singaporean startup behind the email backup service Dropmyemail is opening an office in the US. But rather than going to the usual Silicon Valley area, the company is rolling into Dallas, Texas.

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