14th juror seated for Derek Chauvin's trial

A 14th juror has been seated for the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death. At least one more juror is needed before opening statements next week. (March 22)

Video Transcript

STEVE SCHLEICHER: And in terms of police reform, what are your thoughts on police reform?

- I think there are good things and there are things that should be changed. But I think the conversation is a good start of having those discussions of what's good and what should be changed for the better.

STEVE SCHLEICHER: So tell me about the good things.

- I think the presence of police is a good thing to have. It makes the community safe. I think their job is important, keeping the community safe in general. And I just think that there-- I think for the overwhelming majority, it is a good thing to have.