15 Darkly Funny Memes Anyone With Depression Will Understand

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Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Maskot - Getty Images

When you have depression, getting through a day can be tough, even with a support system, antidepressants and/or a dedicated therapist. Plus, depression can often go hand in hand with anxiety, a one-two punch that can make it taxing to do even the simplest of tasks.

Depression doesn't always show up with obvious signs. It doesn't always look like sadness. It can manifest in various ways, including eating less, eating too much, and finding yourself unable to focus or find enjoyment in things you used to like. (Signs can be so subtle even doctors miss them in their own lives. See how one M.D. figured out that's what he was feeling.)

There's nothing funny about depression, but there are a lot of darkly funny depression memes on the Internet that can make you feel much less alone. And these posts by people who have created relatable memes for anyone dealing with depression might even make you feel a little better.

Of course, if you think what you're feeling is depression—or you really don't know what's going on and it's bothering you and you'd like to feel better—you definitely want to do more than scroll through some memes on the Internet. Talk to someone. Even the Rock did it when he experienced depression. And do it especially if you're having suicidal thoughts (and here's what to do if you are talking to someone who is having a mental health crisis).

But when you're doing all that and want to share the reality and some the dark humor about what you're feeling? That's what these 15 depression memes are for.

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