40 Thoughtful Mother's Day Cards That You Can Print for Free

40 Thoughtful Mother's Day Cards That You Can Print for Free

Mother’s Day is that special time of year when we tell our moms and mother figures just how much we love and appreciate them. And whether you do that with breakfast in bed, a yummy brunch, or a spa day, it’s always the thought that counts. But there’s one thing that may seem small but can mean a lot to moms – cards. Chances are you started making them for her back in preschool, and you’ve continued the tradition of paper and envelope gift-giving ever since.

But finding the perfect card can be difficult, especially if you wait too long to get one. The store shelves are picked over, and the few that are left just don’t capture all that you want to say. So this year, on May 14, opt for a printable Mother’s Day card. All you have to do is print, cut, fold, and write a heartfelt Mother's Day message thanking mom for all she’s done for you — no trip to the drugstore required! We’ve picked out dozens of our favorite printable Mother’s Day cards, and there’s something every type of mama out there, whether she likes classic prints, floral patterns, or funny puns.

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Mommin' Ain't Easy

Let mom know that you understand (or at least try to understand) the struggles of motherhood with this tongue-in-cheek Mother's Day card.

Get the Mommin' Ain't Easy printable at Greetings Island.

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Mother's Day Word Search.

Protector, provider, hero. Yep, that's mom, alright. Let mom find all the things that make her special in this printable word search card.

Get the Mother's Day Word Search printable from Made with Happy.

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Letter to Mom

Kids will get a kick out of filling in the blanks on this adorable Mother's Day printable that doubles as a coloring page. Adults can help younger children with the prompts.

Get the Letter to Mom printable.

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Illustrated Bouquet

You can send Mom the gift of a beautiful bouquet with this pretty card (and to really make her day, send it along with some real flowers, too!).

Get the Bouquet Day printable at Greetings Island.

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My Mom Is...

This card is the perfect canvas to let little ones artistically express their love for mom. Go crazy with those crayons, and maybe even add a bit of glitter.

Get the My Mom Is... printable at Buggy and Buddy.

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Home Is Where Mom Is

Mothers have such a special way of making anything feel homey, and this card will remind your mom of this gift of hers.

Get the Home Is Where Mom Is printable at the Cottage Market.

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Mother's Day Coloring Card

This card can be printed as is, or you can print it without the colors so kids can decorate it themselves.

Get the Mother's Day Coloring Card printable at Sarah Renae Clark.

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Thank You for Always Hanging in There

For the Mom who's been with you through everything, this sweet sloth card hits all the right notes.

Get the Thank You for Always Hanging in There printable at Clean & Scentsible.

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Queen of Mothers

Treat your mother like royalty with this customizable card, which allows you to add in a photo of your mama.

Get the Customizable Queen Mother printable at Greetings Island.

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Your mom will want to keep this cute lemon-patterned card on display all year round.

Get the Irreplaceable Mom printable at Six Clever Sisters.

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About My Mom

Let children fill out the blanks to describe their mom. This is always a fun one because the answers may surprise you!

Get the About My Mom printable from Made with Happy.

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Wish You Were Here

This cute watercolor flower design is perfect for the holiday, and Mom will love knowing that you'll always feel at home with her.

Get the Home Is Where Your Mom Is printable at Lolly Jane.

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Handwritten Script

If your mama is the picture of elegance, then this fancy script card is a must.

Get the Mom You Are Awesome printable at Saffron Avenue.

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Floral Heart

This pastel floral card is sure to brighten up your mother's home on May 14 this year.

Get the Floral Heart printable at I Should Be Mopping The Floor.

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Life Is a Beautiful Ride

Nothing says springtime like flowers in a bike basket, and you can bring that breath of fresh air inside with this cute card.

Get the Life Is a Beautiful Ride printable at She's Kinda Crafty.

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Motherly Attributes

This creative play on the word "mother" allows you to remind your mom of her many wonderful attributes.

Get the Mother Cross Words printable at Greetings Island.

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Patterned Printable

This brightly patterned card is sure to stand out among the many your mom will receive this Mother's Day (and there are several more color and design options available, too!).

Get the Patterned printable at Alice and Lois.

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Happy Mother's Day DIY Coloring Card

This simple blank and white card will appeal to moms who love the minimalist look.

Get the DIY Coloring Card printable at Ting and Things.

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Woman of Strength

This card features a quote from writer Margaret Nadauld, and it couldn't be more true.

Get the Woman of Strength printable at Tatertots & Jello.

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Pastel Watercolor

When you print this out, it will look like you took the time to watercolor the card yourself — plus, the pastel color scheme goes so well with the season.

Get the Pastel Watercolor printable at Print Pretty Cards.

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To Us, You Are the World

Remind Mom how big a role she plays in your life with this sweet and colorful card.

Get the To Us, You Are the World printable at Six Clever Sisters.

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I Appreciate You Even More

If you have children of your own, then you can appreciate that much more what your mother did for you, and you should take time to thank her for it.

Get the I Appreciate You Even More printable at Tinsel Box.

(Tinsel Box)
You're Just My Cup of Tea

For moms who love puns (and tea), here's the perfect printable. You can even tape a tea bag or two inside for her to enjoy.

Get the You're Just My Cup of Tea printable at Catch My Party.

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You're an Amazing Mom

This card tells it exactly like it is — and it comes in such a pretty hue, too!

Get the You're an Amazing Mom printable at I Should Be Mopping The Floor.

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I'm Your Favorite

Every child would like to think they are their mom's favorite. Make it official with this pretty pastel card.

Get the I'm Your Favorite printable from Lovely Indeed.

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Mom You're a Gem

All moms are gems — especially yours.

Get the Mom You're a Gem printable at Catch My Party.

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Forever My Friend

This is the same sentiment but in a different color scheme, so you can keep the quote but get whatever style suits your mother best.

Get the Forever My Friend printable at Lolly Jane.

(Lolly Jane)
Coolest Mom Around

No matter how cool your mom may be, she's still sure to appreciate this precious penguin illustration.

Get the Coolest Mom Around printable at Clean & Scentsible.

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Thanks for Everything

Moms do so much, and Mother's Day is the perfect day to show your appreciation with this card.

Get the Thanks for Everything printable at Ting and Things.

(Ting and Things)
Happy Mother's Day

This simple yet beautiful printable card is the perfect way to celebrate Mom (and welcome the spring season).

Get the Happy Mother's Day printable at Tinsel Box.

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Mom, Turns Out You Were Totally Right

You may have gotten frustrated with all her advice when you were young, but when you reach adulthood, you often realize that Mom had it right all along. Time to let her know!

Get the Mom, You Were Right printable at The Dating Divas.

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You Rock, Mama

This minimalistic notecard is perfect for moms who like to keep things on the simple side.

Get the You Rock, Mama printable at Alice & Lois.

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Awe Inspiring

If your childhood craft days were before there was Pinspiration, this funny card will acknowledge your mom's struggle.

Get the Amazing Mom printable at The Dating Divas.

(The Dating Divas)
Out of All the Moms

This floral card is so striking that Mom may want to frame it and display it as wall art after the holiday.

Get the Out of All the Moms printable at Free Pretty Things For You.

(Free Pretty Things)
Mom Florals

Perfect for the mom who loves florals, this pretty and colorful card stands out from the rest.

Get the Mom Florals printable at Lolly Jane.

(Lolly Jane)
Love Boat

This playful card is the best choice for the woman who can't resist a good pun.

Get the Your Love Has Always Been My Anchor printable at Celebrating Everyday Life.

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Flower Power

This card is so simple yet elegant, and you can write something sentimental inside to tell your mom how you feel.

Get the Flower Power printable at Sarah Hearts.

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Humble Brag

Remind your mama that all of your achievements reflect positively on her with this funny note. Amazing moms make amazing daughters, after all!

Get the Humble Brag printable at The Dating Divas.

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Foldable Flowers

Color and cut out the hearts on this printable for a DIY 3D effect.

Get the Foldable Flowers printable from Buggy and Buddy.

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I'm So Happy You're My Mom

This straightforward and sweet card will tell Mom how you really feel about her.

Get the I'm So Happy You're My Mom printable at Catch My Party.

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Thanks to these free printable Mother's Day cards, there's no excuse not to give mom a card this year.