15 members of synagogue in Cherry Hill head to Israel for mission to help those impacted by attacks

CHERRY HILL, N.j. - Synagogue members from Camden County are on their way to Israel to offer help to those impacted by the October 7th attack.

FOX 29’s Jenni Joyce caught up with the group before their travels.

The members on the mission trip say they are motivated to get to Israel and see first-hand what has happened and is happening and do what they can to help.

"Ever since October 7 all of our hearts have been breaking for what's been happening in Israel," said Rabbi Micah Peltz, Temple Beth Sholom. "We really felt a need to go."

A group of 15 members from Temple Beth Sholom synagogue in Cherry Hill including Rabbi Micah Peltz are en route to Israel.

"Being thousands of miles away when everything is going on there is really difficult, so having an opportunity to go there, be on the ground and show our support in person means a lot," said Marty Chazin, Temple Beth Sholom member.

"Our first day there we will be heading south, visiting sites like the place the Nova Music Festival happened where hundreds of people were massacred," said Rabbi Peltz.

Rachel is a mom of two young children and while leaving them behind for the trip is nerve-racking, she says the purpose is bigger.

"Leaving them for any vacation is nerve racking, but especially this one, but my kids know that I'm going to do a mitzvah and help people and volunteer," she said. "And they're proud of me for going and they’re excited to hear all about it."

Renewing connections to the country while volunteering and offering support on the ground, this group will be helping the people of Israel while helping themselves to feel not so helpless during such a heartbreaking time.

"I don't know if I'll have a sense of peace because I'm sure we are going to see some pretty awful things, but to have a sense that Israel will be ok and my kids here living in America as Jews will be ok," Rachel said.

Some of the members also said they expect to feel stronger after this trip, expressing that they look forward to sharing their stories with friends, family, and synagogue members once they return next weekend.