15-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Lincoln-Lemington

Deadly shootings are on the rise in Pittsburgh. KDKA's Paul Martino has more.

Video Transcript

- A disturbing trend is developing in Pittsburgh. Deadly shootings on the rise. The latest came when a 15-year-old student from Taylor Allderdice High School was shot and killed last night. Paul Martino's live at police headquarters with reaction from the victim's family and from city leaders. Paul.

PAUL MARTINO: Ken, the father of 15-year-old Donangelo Castapheny too distraught to speak to us on camera. But on the telephone the father describes his son, who he refers to as [? Day-Day, ?] as a straight-A student, an athlete, and a solid kid. Sadly, this solid kid becomes the latest victim in a series of deadly shootings in Pittsburgh this year.

In less than a week, Pittsburgh has seen at least three deadly shootings. Last Friday it happened in Sharaden. On Monday, another homicide in Brighton Heights. Tuesday night, 15-year-old Donangelo Castapheny was heading home from his sister's house when police say he was gunned down and killed in Lincoln-Lemington.

BILL PEDUTO: We're seeing a definite trend. This is not just a few incidents.

PAUL MARTINO: A trend that took the life of a high-school kid. Donangelo Castapheny attended Taylor Allderdice High School after transferring from Westinghouse High School where he played basketball. A statement from Pittsburgh Public Schools describes him as thoughtful and kind with a big smile and sharp wit.

Mayor Peduto says these tragic deaths reverse a trend of declining violence in the city.

BILL PEDUTO: Over the past seven years, violent crime in the city of Pittsburgh has gone down. Over the past seven years, homicide in the city of Pittsburgh has gone down.

PAUL MARTINO: It's not just Pittsburgh. Cities across the country are seeing more and more deadly shootings. The question is why.

BILL PEDUTO: A lot of belief that this has a direct relation on mental health and COVID and people being basically locked in for a long period of time.

PAUL MARTINO: So what's the city doing about this? Mayor Peduto says police are increasing foot patrols in the neighborhoods that have had problems. They are also meeting with community leaders. Meanwhile, police here at their headquarters say they have no leads to report on the killing of Donangelo.

Reporting live from Pittsburgh police headquarters, Paul Martino, KDKA News.