15 Parents Who Caught Their Kids Way Off Guard With How Well They Troll The Hell Out Of The System

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1. This parent, who gave their son a bowl of exactly what he wanted for breakfast:

2. This mom, who trolled her kids via a sushi roll:

3.This mom, who came up with a brutally hilarious form of revenge on her kid:

4.This mom, who had a whole text conversation with her kid using nothing but Bruno Mars' lyrics:

5.This mom, who discovered she could hide her kid's most annoying toys in the diaper pail bag and throw 'em on out:

6.This mom, who trolled the hell out of her family by making a pile of their laundry into a Christmas tree:

7. These parents, who figured out how to get their kids — and guests — to clean up after themselves:

8.And this mom, who tricked her kids on April Fool's Day with these empty boxes of their favorite snacks:

9.This dad, who figured out a genius way to get an extra nap in while with his kids:

10.This mom, who trolled the whole neighborhood with this extra healthy trick or treat bowl on Halloween:

11.This mom, who used sarcasm to get under her kid's skin:

12.This mom, who made an orange look like a cake pop to trick her kids:

13.This mom, who tricked everyone with a "dirty diaper" which she really used to hold her valuables on the beach:

14. This parent, who carved their daughter the scariest pumpkin of them all:

15.And finally, this mom, who pulled off the ultimate trick by hiding her M&Ms where she knew her kids wouldn't look: