Here's Every Recipe from TikTok to Recreate That Will Make? Cooking? Easy?

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Photo credit: john francis
Photo credit: john francis

TikTok is basically an endless sea of content, but honestly, if you’re not on FoodTok, you’re severely missing out. Here, we've learned the ins and outs of Taco Bell’s secret menu, how to bake a brownie using only our microwave, and healthy recipes that won’t make us feel like we’re eating grass. (Plus, Gordon Ramsey casually makes appearances too, so you know it’s the place to be, right?)

And whether you are a Michelin-star chef orrr someone who regularly burns toast, most everybody can pick up on a TikTok recipe. IDK, maybe it's just something about a tutorial set to cute music. Yes, I’m sure your fave cookbook is nice, but it's well past time you join the 27.6 BILLION view counts under #recipe on this app. 🤯

Just like the distantly-related TikTok dance trends, with each new season, there’s a ton of new TikTok food hacks and recipes that just take over. The "GiGi Hadid pasta" and baked feta phenomenons may have run 2020 and 2021, but as we approach a new era, it’s time to introduce the new class of reigning TikTok recipes. They’re simple. They’re aesthetically pleasing. And most importantly, they are extremely appetizing. I'm talking microwaved salmon + rice (just wait, it's actually good), 3-step desserts, and more! So, dive into your Emily Mariko bag, and keep a close eye on that "add to favorites" button. Here, we've assembled a few of the greats, JIC you've been running low on reliable dinner ideas. Scroll down for the tastiest For You Page you'll ever see.

1. A dream fulfilled: Noodles ready in under 15 minutes

2. Cookies that are Kylie-approved (and Stormi-approved too prob)

3. The viral cheesy baked broccoli:

4. This delicious lazy-gal tofu

5. The salmon rice recipe heard 'round the world

6. If you are in the mood to master a classic Italian staple like chicken parmesan:

7. Oh, obviously, some chicken fettuccine alfredo too:

8. How about a classic broccoli cheddar soup recipe?

9. Shrimp fried rice, anyone?

10. Fancy schmancy macaroni and cheese:

11. A morning oatmeal recipe you'll actually enjoy:

12. Choco chip pancakes because why not:

13. Hot. Cheeto. Mozz. Sticks.

14. Vegan (and v yummy) honey BBQ wings:

15. A five-ingredient pasta dish you definitely have time to make:

16. Mmm, banana pudding:

17. What's better than regular brownies? These cheesecake ones:

18. Did someone say Oreo fudge?

19. And just a vegan brownie recipe because you don't have eggs anyway:

20. The iconic spicy rigatoni pasta:

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