16 Days: Day 5, Sri Lanka

During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (Nov. 25 ? Dec. 10), Stop Street Harassment is featuring activists who took action against street harassment this year, one new country per day. Day #5: Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Unites launched a S.H.O.W You Care (S.H.O.W. = Stop Harassment of Women) campaign to address sexual harassment on public transportation. After receiving training, hundreds of young men boarded more than 1000 buses across a week and, according to a previously formulated strategic plan, apologized to women in the buses for any harassment they encountered in the past and provided them with information on legal recourse available to them. They also told men to take responsibility and not harass. The organizer told me: “The response from the commuters on buses was astounding. Passengers on the buses, both male and female, were very responsive to the campaign. Many encouraged the efforts of the young men, asked for more information about the campaign and Sri Lanka Unites. The passengers were eager to engage in conversations regarding the issue of harassment on public transportation and were heartened by the efforts of the young men to attempt to resolve this problem in the city of Colombo.? Total Number of Buses: 1225 Routes Covered: 49 Estimated Number of Commuters Reached: 36,750″   Share on Facebook