16 dogs, some dead, found crammed inside SUV in California, police say

Mitchell Willetts
·1 min read

Police investigating a ”suspicious vehicle” in California found an SUV packed with dogs, both living and dead.

There were 16 dogs total inside the SUV found in Bridal Veil Falls on Friday, according to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, and three were dead.

The remaining 13 have been placed with animal services, which was called once officers made the discovery.

According to a statement on Facebook, someone reported the SUV to police and when deputies arrived they could see the animals. Deputies said they contacted the vehicle’s owner, Zjar Uruluzu, and obtained a warrant to search the SUV.

It was later towed away for evidence.

A picture shared by police shows the white GMC, along with its contents removed and piled next to it.

There appear to be multiple duffel bags, backpacks, totes and storage crates, as well as some items that could serve as bedding.

Uruluzu was arrested on charges of animal abuse, police said.