16-year-old girl shot near West Philly playground

A 16-year-old was shot while inside a parked car in West Philadelphia, police said.

Video Transcript

- A developing story-- a 16-year-old girl is the latest juvenile victim of the city's gun violence epidemic. She was shot while inside a parked car in West Philadelphia last night. It happened just before 10:30 at 51st and Brown Streets.

Police say 25 shots were fired from two weapons at a group of girls sitting in that car near the West Mill Creek Playground. Authorities also found a shell casing on the basketball court.

SCOTT SMALL: So it appears that our victim was sitting in this vehicle with other females when, for some reason, someone began firing shots into that vehicle from very, very close range.

- Someone in a private auto drove the victim to a nearby hospital. She suffered a shoulder wound and is in stable condition. The other victims were not at the scene when police arrived. Authorities hope cameras nearby will help lead them to the shooters.