16-year-old arrested in connection with shooting at Mount Vernon Walmart

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Police said a 16-year-old has been taken into custody in connection with a shooting at the Mount Vernon Walmart on July 17.

The teen turned himself in on Sunday, July 24, and was booked into Skagit County Juvenile Detention, according to law enforcement.

According to the police, three teenage male gang members had a confrontation with rival gang members inside the Walmart at 2301 Freeway Drive in Mount Vernon.

Three of the involved gang members were injured, along with a 76-year-old male customer and a 24-year-old security guard.

All five people were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Numerous guns and “evidentiary items” were found during the search, the police department said. One of the suspects surrendered and was booked into Skagit County Juvenile Detention.

Police Chief Chris Cammock said, “Our community has rightfully expressed alarm at what occurred and wants accountability for these intolerable actions. We share those sentiments and are working at length to bring those responsible before a court.”

Police had previously arrested one suspect, and he was also booked into Skagit County Juvenile Detention.

One suspect still remains at large.