16 Thanksgiving Nail Ideas That Are Bold and Festive

Asia Milia Ware

Historically, Thanksgiving is about feasting, spending time with family, and giving thanks for all that has happened in the past year. But the holiday has also become a mini fashion show, a moment to show off in the living room in front of all your cousins, aunties, and uncles who you haven’t seen. Not only do you have to get your outfit together, but nails are a must too. Nail artist Ryan Renèe, dubbed the Nail Doctor, says the best Thanksgiving colors are “burgundy, cranberry, and variations of gold and bronze. Think rich tones.”

If you want a little more than just a quick coat of paint, we get it. Nails are a part of completing the entire Thanksgiving look. Having trouble thinking of ideas? We rounded up the best nail ideas for the holiday. Thank us later!

Head to Your Nail Salon NOW

Corny or festive? We say festive! Match the menu with corn-inspired nail designs, and have fun playing with the color schemes. \

If you’re the cousin at Thanksgiving who’s known for being extra, then you’d be the one to try this out. Let your nail tech try a little freestyle design on your mani and add a few jewels, leaves, and a turkey or two to really get in the holiday spirit.

You can never go wrong with a sharp ombré look. This chic look is perfect for the over-the-top mani lover. The foil design at the tips are chic fall leaves that aren’t specific to Thanksgiving, so it will last you through the entire holiday season.

Spice up your outfit with glam nails. The chic orange polish is complemented by gold leaves and festive glitter. The alternating orange and shimmery brown is the perfect Thanksgiving color scheme.

Send a message via your mani with this “give thanks” design and a festive wreath. Everyone will be asking to take a peek at your hands all night.

Turkey art, but make it chic! This design merges turkey nail art and glitter. If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, this is a winner for you.

Yes, You Can Actually Do These Yourself

It looks hard, but this design can be done in 1, 2, 3 if you are experienced with DIY nail art. After applying a shimmery pumpkin color to your nails, take a fine brush and draw a leaf of your own to add some autumn magic to your simple look.

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