16 Things McDonald's Employees REALLY Hate That Customers Do, And 5 Things They REALLY Love

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1.McDonald's employees hate when you do rude things like leave ALL your garbage behind:

McDonald's food wrappers, drinks, and boxes left as garbage on a table

"Just a little customer appreciation."

u/MrsDillagan / Via reddit.com

2.And McDonald's employees hate it when you get mad at them just for trying to help out:

Meme saying "Me when the customer orders a cheeseburger with no cheese and gets mad when I tell them it's cheaper to ring it in as a hambuger"
u/absol2019 / ifunny.co / Via reddit.com

3. McDonald's employees hate it when you say, "Helloooo?" the second you pull up to the drive-thru:

Comment from discussion Noobdefeater's comment from discussion "Pet Peeves as a McDonald's Cashier".

4. McDonald's employees hate when you ask for "no salt" fries AND THEN ask for a packet of salt anyway:

5.McDonald's employees hate it when you make a realllllly large order...

A cashier screen with a bill totaling $1,749.24

"God save us."

u/crafty5999 / Via reddit.com

6....especially when it's basically all free stuff.

An order screen showing dozens of free sugar packets, salsa packets, and sauces for delivery service

"That’s why we hate all delivery services. If you’ll allow someone to get something for free or modify whatever you want for free, they will do it."

u/daniel_valeev / Via reddit.com

7.And McDonald's employees hate it when you change your mind a million times:

An order screen with dozens of items crossed out and and finally just one cheeseburger ordered

"Lady didn't know what she wanted."

u/AmericanBerserker / Via reddit.com

8.McDonald's employees hate it when you have an absurd request:

Two Big Mac boxes filled with Big Mac sauce only

"When a customer asks for 2 sides of Mac Sauce."

u/bill723 / Via reddit.com

9.And McDonald's employees hate it when you don't even know what you're asking for:

Derp Shrek Meme face with the text, "Extra fries or apple slices?" and "Yes"
u/Alexmm3930 / Via reddit.com

10.McDonald's employees hate it when you ask where an item is when you didn't ask for it in the first place:

11.McDonald's employees hate it when you pull the "I used to work at a McDonald's" line:

12.McDonald's employees hate it when you pull up to the drive-thru window unprepared:

Sign reading "Please have your payment ready" at the drive-thru

"Why doesn’t every store have one of these 😭."

reddit.com / Via reddit.com

13.And McDonald's employees hate it when you show them your coupon AFTER ordering:

Meme saying "Nobody is born cool, except of course...people who tell you about their coupon before you punch in the order
u/Blastspark01 / Cartoon Network / Via reddit.com

14.McDonald's employees hate it when you eat in the bathroom:

A cheeseburger wrapper left on the bathroom sink inside a McDonald's bathroom

"When customers can’t eat in your dining room they get creative."

u/united0002 / Via reddit.com

15.McDonald's employees hate it when you pay for the smallest item with a large bill JUST so you can break it:

Screen showing someone paid for one dollar fries with a one hundred dollar bill


u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

16.And McDonald's employees hate it when you dump a bunch of random coins on the counter and then leave:

A bunch of loose change dumped on a counter

"This customer just dumped all of her change during a rush hour, she didn’t even order that amount."

u/ThyOriginal / Via reddit.com


17.McDonald's employees love it when you pay with organized coins:

Five rolls of coins, nicely wrapped in bank paper

"A guy paid a full $32 order with coin rolls today. The best customer to have with a national coin shortage."

u/TarNREN / Via reddit.com

18.And McDonald's employees love it when you keep your order simple:

Meme of "the one guy who ordered only a coke" and people saying "he is the Messiah!"
u/spicygay21 / Cinema International Corporation / Via reddit.com

19.McDonald's employees love seeing nice, respectful regulars:

Meme of Bernie Sanders saying "I am once again asking for a senior coffee"
u/Disastrous-Wall-7057 / Twitter: @BernieSanders / Via reddit.com

20.And McDonald's employees also love seeing VIP guests at the drive-thru:

21.And finally, McDonald's employees love it when you have a good sense of humor:

Image of a customer's coupon code reading: PO0P

"A customer came through with this QR code and let me take a picture. What are the odds?!"

u/Shazera / Via reddit.com

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